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Snap Shots

"Photography is the most immediate medium for making an artistic statement," says Terri Bell, founder of the tbellphotographic studio & gallery. "It can happen as quickly as pressing the shutter button. Beautiful art can be made when that sense of immediacy and spontaneity is involved in the process of creation, and when parts of that process are left open to chance."

Chance is both the title and the governing principle of Bell's third open-call show, which debuts tonight and runs through March 18. And, after collaborating with him during his citywide Month of Photography event last year, Bell asked photographer Mark Sink to serve as juror for the show.

"Mark works a lot in very experimental processes and is known for his work with toy cameras and collodion wet-plate photography, which, by nature, is a chancy process, and he seemed really into the idea of chance as a theme," Bell says. "We wanted to focus on chance not only with the actual exposure of the photograph -- being in the right place at the right time -- but also by looking at work that explored experimental processes. We've ended up with a show that exhibits all kinds of chance, spontaneity and experimentation in photography."

Take a Chance tonight, beginning at 6 p.m. at tbellphotographic, 900 Santa Fe Drive, Studio A. For more information, visit
Fridays-Sundays. Starts: March 2. Continues through March 18, 2012


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