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Snowboard Style

Da Vinci had his canvas. Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel ceiling. We have snowboards.

Yep, that sleek fusion of laminate and fiberglass streaking down the slopes has become the modern canvas for artistic prodigies everywhere. Don't believe us? Check out an exhibition tonight of submissions for the second annual Design the Modern Board Competition, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Denver studio of Design Within Reach, 2500 East Second Avenue. The snowboard designs are sure to span the creative gamut, and the winning designer will get his graphic slapped on a K2 board. Last year's victor, Anthony Yenason, has been enjoying riding his snow-devouring "Anger Monster" all year. "It allowed me to embody a lot of personal anger and undirected frustration and turn it into something not only relieving, but also successful in the eyes of others," he says. "Sweet." Raphael himself couldn't have said it better.

A suggested cash donation of $10 at the door of the event, which also features a raffle and classy food and drink, benefits the Snowboard Outreach Society. Guidelines are available at For more information, call 720-407-0000.
March 10-27, 2008


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