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Spring Fever

You might think you've seen everything that Seed — Fashion Denver's quarterly showcase of, well, Denver fashion — has to offer. But you'd be dead wrong. For starters, today's installment takes place at the Oriental Theater, 4335 West 44th Avenue, a virgin venue for Seed. Second, DJs will be supplemented by acoustic music from Josh Novak and Dan Craig, along with the comic stylings of Ben Kronberg and Westword's own Adam Cayton-Holland. The fashion gets changed up every season, of course — but this time, Seed will showcase a head-to-toe look.

"We have a shoe designer, Andy's Girl, and they make some really cute, funky cowboy boots as well as apparel," enthuses Fashion Denver's Brandi Shigley. Seed will feature more than 25 designers this time around. "Each of the designers has a different booth," Shigley explains, "but when it comes to the fashion show, I mix up the pieces to bring out the creative elements of combining designers together.

"We're starting to get a lot more clothing designers," she continues. "Not just apparel, as in screen-printed T-shirts, but more people who are actually making clothes." Très chic!

Stop by the Oriental between noon and 8 p.m.; entry is $5, and proceeds benefit Dress for Success. Visit or call 720-266-4418 for information.


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