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Stitch in Time

In my childhood bedroom, there’s a pink roll of yarn attached to a shabby six-inch square — the scarf I started making when my grandma taught me to crochet at age ten. Never one to throw anything away, I thought about picking up where I left off a few years ago when knitting was all the rage among celebs. I wanted to be seen scowling at my knitting needles during some concert or sporting event, as if I were much too important to be stimulated by ordinary entertainment.

I could get my chance today, when the Colorado Rockies host their second annual Stitch N’ Pitch — one of 23 across the nation — during their game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. And although the National Needlearts Association says the event’s purpose is to celebrate two national pastimes, I’m using it as an opportunity to look cool while finishing that scarf.

The game starts at 6:05 p.m. with a ball-of-yarn first pitch. Tickets are $19 for the upper-level Stitch N’ Pitch group area; get yours by contacting Evelyn Rockett at 303-312-2224 or Visit for information.
Sat., July 28, 6:05 p.m.


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