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Every superhero has a secret identity — even the ones who spend their days hustling tips as the self-proclaimed "ambassadors to Hollywood Boulevard." Confessions of a Superhero, opening tonight at Starz FilmCenter in the Tivoli and running through November 29, is an X-ray view of the lives of four performers who spend their days in superhero garb, trying to eke out a living by posing with tourists for photographs while pursuing acting careers. Wonder Woman is the prototypical homecoming queen who moves to Hollywood seeking stardom. The Hulk is a formerly homeless country boy who arrived in L.A. during the Rodney King riots. Superman is obsessed with the hero he portrays and claims to be the son of actress Sandy Dennis, although her family denies it. Batman — well, Batman has some anger-management issues, and he's moderately delusional.

As Wonder Woman's quickie Vegas marriage unravels, Superman gets groped by a fan, Batman takes a security-guard job and the Hulk gets his big break in a kung-fu spoof movie, the movie consistently proves that truth is stranger than fiction — especially when it comes to superheroes. Tickets are $5.75 to $8.75. For more information, including showtimes, visit or call 303-595-3456.
Nov. 21-29, 2007


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