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Swing Low

It’s not every weekend you get the opportunity to learn dance moves from some of the very best genre-specific instructors in the country — or see those same instructors in action, for that matter. But that’s what happens every year at the Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout, a swing-dance spectacular hosted by the non-profit organization Community-Minded Dance.

“Balboa is attainable,” notes Community-Minded Dance founder and executive director Caryn Carrasco. “It makes dancing fun at all varieties of tempos of music; you can do it as calmly as you like, in a relaxed fashion, or you can speed it up. And you don’t need a lot of room to dance and have a good time. It’s a handy little tool to have in your pocket.”

And at the Blowout, you’ll have the chance to learn from guest artists from around the world (including phenomenal dance partners Bobby White and Kate Hedin), who will offer classes at all dancing levels. “It’s a top-notch show in every way,” Carrasco continues, “and by attending this event and supporting this activity, attendees are giving something to Colorado youth — arts programs — that they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

The Blowout runs today through Sunday at various locations around Denver, including the Denver Turnverein and the Auraria campus (a kick-off party took place last night at the Mercury Cafe); tickets range from $10 to $165. For full details, visit
Feb. 22-24, 2013


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