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Talking Shop
Paul Stroede

Talking Shop

Say you already loved shopping at Miss Talulah's, Robin Lohre's funky-chic Ballpark neighborhood boutique. But then you grew up and had a kid. In a way, Lohre did the same when she opened her second shop, Talulah Jones, last summer at 1122 E. 17th Avenue, in Denver's burgeoning Uptown district. Since the tiny first store could barely hold its bubbling-over treasury of fripperies, the new space gave Lohre a chance to branch out as a buyer and add a whole kid-oriented dimension. And for that, parents and gift-givers looking for vintage-inspired children's items should rejoice.

Boy or girl? It doesn't matter who you're shopping for: Talulah Jones has precious in either extreme, from San Francisco designer Laku Yaeko's polka-dot coat with a big floppy Peter-Pan collar and roses, tiny handstitched slippers, medieval-looking button-embellished caps and plush barrettes, all in velvet, to the little boy's cowboy-print layette, tee with flannel pants and miniature Western-style shirts with pearl buttons. Toni Tierney's T-shirt, legging and cap ensembles go both ways, from the black thermals and white tee with yellow cross-stitch trim to frillier T-shirt dresses with lace-and-embroidery aprons. It's the same with the cute winter headwear, which ranges from red-plaid fleece hats to knitted caps as soft as a lamb's underbelly.

But you'll truly have a field day shopping for the girlie-girls: Tulle tutus form a floating miasma of olive green, hot pink, lilac and pale blue in the store window; each is trimmed with delicate cloth flowers and leaves. Not cute enough for your little princess? Then feel free to add matching angel wings or scrunchy bracelets decked with flowing ribbon streamers. For mini infantas, there are teeny baby tutus, fleeting puffs of pastel smoke.

An old/new selection of books, rubber duckies, tin toys, stuffed animals, musical instruments (including child-sized concertinas and papier-mâché Cheshire-cat maracas), blankets, wood-handled ladybug jump ropes, party favors and countless other whimsies make shopping for kids a whole new ballgame; the only problem with the place is that in order to peruse the juvenile wares in the second room, you have to walk through the first room, where you'll be forced to shop for yourself. Just like at the old Talulah's.

For information, call 303-832-1230.


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