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Thought For Food

One Night Stand Theater has been around for four years, putting on six discrete nights of theater a year to full and enthusiastic houses. Tonight’s Food, Glorious Food: Tales of Cooking and Cuisine, comprises six plays, one short story and a couple of poems, all by local writers. Audiences will encounter a passive-aggressive cheese omelet, a beet-soup preparation that takes a nasty turn, and dessert at a restaurant where you can look but not touch.

But not all of these pieces are innocuous, warns director Beth Foster: “There’s some racy stuff and a piece that’s kind of gruesome. I wouldn’t bring kids.” Past evenings have focused on horror, witches, war and Shakespeare. “We’re all theater people, but we have full-time jobs and don’t have time to do full-blown productions,” Foster says. “Actors love it because the rehearsal period is short, so we get very good actors. Most of them know each other, and it’s always a fun get-together.

“‘One-night stand’ was a theatrical term before it was a sexual term,” she points out. “Theater companies used to go by train from small town to small town to put on shows, and that was a one-night stand. It’s fun. I call it ‘short-attention-span theater.’”

Catch Food, Glorious Food at 7 p.m. for one night only at the Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton Street in Aurora; for tickets, $8, visit or call 303-670-3628.
Sun., April 6, 7 p.m., 2014


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