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Treasured Moments

By now, the Antiques Roadshow crew that came to town last week to film a show at the Colorado Convention Center has gladdened a few hearts – having identified unexpected treasures in the approximately 10,000 items brought in for appraisal – and broken many more, revealing that all those pampered family heirlooms have no value outside of the family. But one Roadshow stalwart won’t get back on the road without giving Coloradans a consolation prize. From 4 to 6 p.m. today, C. Wes Cowan, the Cincinnati-based antiques supersleuth who also stars on History Detectives, will be at the studios of KBDI, which airs both series, for a reception, thirty-minute talk on his TV experiences and Q&A session.

“There always seems to be more that we can find out,” Cowan told a PBS interviewer. “Naturally, it would be great if every investigation could be tied up neat and tidy with a bright-colored bow, but in reality, that's not the way real history works. There is always more to know.” And that will hold true after this special Denver event, because no appraisals will be conducted today — so don’t bring along Aunt Edna’s antimacassar or Uncle Edgar’s Civil War sword. Space at the studio, 2900 Welton Street, is also limited; to reserve a spot, call 303-991-5038.
Thu., July 30, 4-6 p.m., 2009


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