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Vulva Tales

When artist Terrilynn Moore went to see The Vagina Monologues at a venue on the Auraria campus in 2003, she noticed that the lobby contained pictures of llamas. It seemed a little odd that the famous Monologues had no art to tie in to the performance, so Moore thought up a solution: She'd make it herself. The models for the 2004 Monologues posed for Moore, and she created three-foot-tall vulva portraits of each actress.

Thus was born The Pussy Project. In August 2005, the Den Gallery hosted Moore's first project exhibition, which featured intimate portraits of almost forty local doctors, lawyers, actresses, students and more. Since that time, she's worked furiously to finish up even more pussy portraits, which (along with the Pussy Project originals) will be shown at her new offering, The Pussy Project 100 (Has Your Mama Posed Yet?). "I'm just really surprised at how this project has made my art grow and develop," Moore says. "It has made me stretch as an artist, because every single woman is so unique." And so is each portrait.

See it all hang out tonight at Hinala Gallery, 907 Santa Fe Drive, when the show opens at 7 p.m.; The Pussy Project stays up through February 28, and Moore has plans to turn the project into a non-profit organization to help women get emergency counseling when catastrophe strikes. Visit for information; call Moore at 720-252-8937 to set up your own photo shoot and portrait.
Feb. 1-28, 2008


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