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What's Good for the Kids

Jewelry maker Melissa Borrell went big -- really big -- for her current show, tessellate, at PlatteForum Gallery, where the artist worked with youth for several weeks while completing her own installation (see more about the show at But her residency isn't quite over: Tonight she'll change directions a little to work with adults as part of PlatteForum's innovative Make workshop series. Beginning at 6 p.m., Borrell will lead her mature students in an Illuminated Sculpture class, based on the model also used with the younger artists, that will culminate in a glowing take-home artwork moonlighting as a lamp.

Will Borrell encounter difficulties similar to the ones she had while getting her Learning Lab kids, who eventually created their own paper-art installation, enthusiastic about creating art? Perhaps. That learning process, she says, was an evolution: "At first they thought paper was boring. they wanted to carve wood, use clay.... The process of them getting into it took time, but now they see how serious it is: Now their piece is on display in the same show with mine, a work by a professional artist."

Register online at; the fee is $59. And walk through tessellate and the youth installation “Cave of Fascinations” at PlatteForum, 1610 Little Raven Street, through October 31. For information, go to or call 303-893-0791.
Tue., Dec. 4, 6 p.m., 2012


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