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Wheel to Reel

The drive-in movie theater is a dying institution, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still roll up and enjoy a double feature on a warm summer night. Now you just leave the car at home and pedal your way to Blake Street Tavern’s Bike-In Movies.

“This is great for all the walkers and the bikers,” says Shelley Armand, the Tavern’s general manager. “You don’t have to go very far, and you can have a couple of beers.”

Bring a lawn chair and prepare yourself for one of the finest double bills ever conceived as Blake Street presents the classics Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz back-to-back on its 26-foot-wide screen. Shaun’s a zombie-movie parody/love letter, while Hot Fuzz offers a similar treatment of the action-movie genre; both go down easy with a couple of fine beers. Plus it’s a cheap date: The $5 suggested donation won’t damage your beer budget much. You can even kick in a little extra if you need to impress your date, since the funds support the Denver Film Society's excellent Young Filmmakers Workshops.

It happens in the parking lot of the Blake Street Tavern, 2301 Blake Street. The film starts once it's dark, but come early to get a choice spot. For more information, visit
Sat., July 6, 2013


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