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Wheeling and Dealing

The Forney Museum of Transportation, like the multitude of ancient vehicles housed there, has been up and down a hilly road over time. And since the museum struggled through a massive move from its old digs in what is now the REI flagship store in the Central Platte Valley to its current Brighton Boulevard spot near the Denver Coliseum, it’s settled into a quiet jag where few people flock, other than die-hard transportation buffs. But there’s still something fascinating about the place and its classic contents, from the behemoth “Big Boy” locomotive to an endless collection of buggies, tricycles, Skidoos, tractors, fire engines and just about anything else that goes.

Among the museum’s finer antique treasures is Amelia Earhart's shiny yellow and sadly orphaned Gold Bug Kissel, a spotless roadster that’s been immortalized on canvas by local artist Bruce White. White, along with photographer Steve Crecelius and wood artist Wilbur Craig, have helped create the Forney Signature Series, an anthology of artworks that take inspiration from the museum’s varied collection. A number of those works will be available for bidding on or purchase during tonight’s Art Amongst the Cars, a public open house and silent auction to benefit the Forney.

“We want to show the artistic side of transportation, not just the history,” says spokeswoman Amy Newman of the unique event, which will also feature additional works with a transportation theme by local artists, at prices ranging from $15 to $2,000. Drive in and enjoy the show at 4303 Brighton Boulevard; admission is free. For details, go to or call 303-297-1113.
Sat., May 16, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2009


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