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Wild Moo Yonder

Ever wondered how Bovine Metropolis Theater comes up with its comedy sketches? Here's a behind-the-scenes walk-through, provided by Bovine director Eric Farone, of the complicated creative process behind one of the sketches created for the theater's new production, Cows on a Plane, which runs at 8 p.m. tonight and every other Friday and Saturday through May 19.

First, says Farone, the troupe took a pop-culture reference — the movie Snakes on a Plane — and screwed around with it. They got rid of the snakes and replaced them with cows — udder-squirting, cud-regurgitating cows. Then they put them on Air Force One, so President Bush, who's flying the plane, could declare, "I say nuke 'em!" And they cast Barbara Bush as his love interest ("It is a bit risqué, but she's a force to be reckoned with") and Borat as a cow ("Since he's not American, that would incense Bush's sensibility more").

And then, after all that, the troupe threw the whole thing away. "The sketch didn't make the final cut," shrugs Farone, who adds that they still liked the idea, so they kept the title for the name of the entire production. It's all in a day's work for Bovine. To see these disciplined and brilliant artistic minds in action, check out the show at 1527 Champa Street. Tickets are $16; for more information, call 303-758-4722 or go to


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