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Wild Style

In an area with as much Wild West history as ours, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to bring back yesterday’s entertainment to dazzle audiences of today. That’s the premise behind Immundo’s Wild West Meets Classic Burlesque, an extravagant event featuring some of our city’s premier burlesque performers, live music, juggling, local crafts, vintage clothes and more -- just in time for Golden’s annual Buffalo Bill Days celebration.

“We wanted to pull a lot of the Denver talent of burlesque performers, from Lannie’s to 3 Kings, and put them together in one showcase,” explains Immundo’s Joey Smith. “People can get piercings, their makeup and hair done, along with a pinup photo shoot. So everyone can get ready together.”

A barker out in front of the venue will inform passersby of what they’re missing inside: performers Kitty Crimson, Fanny Fitztightlee, Shotzy Jager, Fannie Spankings, Tatianna TaTa, Anabella LaFontaine and Miss Orchid Mei, with juggling by Reid Belstock and music by Larry Wagner, and vendors such as Miss Kitty Mae’s Over the Top Millinery & Accessories, House of Ink and Goldie’s Vintage. Tickets to the eighteen-and-up event are $10 presale and $15 at the door; it all goes down at the Buffalo Rose, 1119 Washington Avenue in Golden. Doors open at 4 p.m. and the show starts at 6. Visit for information.
Sun., July 26, 2009


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