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Wise Up

Military Intelligence and You!, which opens tonight, would have seemed smarter had it been shorter. Writer-director Dale Kutzera uses stock footage and old movie clips populated by Ronald Reagan, William Holden and more to construct a faux-instructional film ostensibly intended for World War II-era soldiers — although the often-hilarious narration by Clive Van Owen is written with the modern viewer in mind. For instance, Van Owen crows about "spreading the Christian love of our secular democracy" and declares that "attacking without complete intelligence is the kind of bold, decisive action Americans are known for." Unfortunately, the gimmick can't sustain an entire feature, and new footage featuring characters like Lieutenant Monica Tasty (Elizabeth Bennett) doesn't fly like Airplane!

Screenings begin tonight at 5 p.m. at Starz FilmCenter in the Tivoli. Tickets range from $6 for members to $9.50 for the general public. Learn more at 303-595-3456 or
March 7-13, 2008


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