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Wiz Quiz

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the most-anticipated holiday flick of the year. Friday's opening will unleash an outpouring of Harrysteria and related merchandise. So that you're not left wasting away in Muggleville, get prepared with this modest Potter quiz.

1. Harry got his scar from:

a. An encounter with a shaky supernatural barber in Diagon Alley.


Harry Potter

b. An attempt by a creature of pure evil seeking to snuff his good parents and himself.

c. A freak Lightning Frisbee accident.

2. What book did Hagrid read that led to one of his favorite hobbies?

a. Sausage-Fixing the Trolled Fashion Way.

b. Veight-Lifting's for Veenies: Helga Vurm's Vreally Big Giant Vurkout.

c. Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit.

3. How many C batteries does the Harry Potter Levitating Kit require?

a. A ton.

b. None; it's lunar-powered.

c. Three, unless you know the secret mantra: "Shop wholesale."

4. Which is not a taste of an Every Flavor Bean?

a.. Curry.

b. Cola.

c. Grass.

5. Who worked for drill-maker Grunnings?

a. Mr. Dursley.

b. Peeves.

c. Jeeves.

6. Among the first gifts Mrs. Weasley gave Harry were:

a. The official Quidditch rule book, complete with moving players.

b. Fudge and an emerald hand-knit sweater.

c. A charge card for McFizzles Fantasy Kingdom.

7. How many Harry Potter figures are for sale in the Mattel Wizard Collection?

a. None; you have to special-order them from an 800 number.

b. Three: the (trademarked) Quidditch Harry; the (trademarked) Gryffindor Harry and the (public domain?) Invisibility Cloak Harry.

c. An undetermined number known only to honchos in Mattel's El Segundo, California, dungeons.

8. Why does Professor Quirrell wear a turban?

a. To hide his bad rug, which was magically affixed to him.

b. To hide his bad overlord, who was tragically affixed to him.

c. To hide his bad tattoos, which were surgically affixed to him.

9. Known in the United States as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, this book was originally published in the United Kingdom as:

a. Hurry Potty.

b. Harrison Potter Goes Hogwarts Wilde.

c. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

10. Actor Daniel Radcliffe, cast as the star of the film, made his movie debut in:

a. 102 Dalmatians, as the voice of Puddles.

b. The Tailor of Panama, as Jamie Lee Curtis's son.

c. Hopperhoof, the Legend of the Spunky Troll.

11. What does Ron Weasley have in common with the Hogwarts Express engine?

a. Both wheeze.

b. Both can make sparks fly.

c. The color red (Ron's hair and the train's paint job).

12. Professor Dumbledore longed for -- but didn't get -- this for Christmas:

a. A pair of thick, woolen socks.

b. A set of miniature medieval action figures that moved.

c. A long-term contract for two centuries.

13. What did Hermione do in the book to make all three of Fluffy's heads fall asleep?

a. Fed it a bowl of Canis Dormus Suddenus potion.

b. Played a wooden flute.

c. Cast a spell so the brute thought it was a doughnut-chomping night watchman.

14. Which is not part of the wizard world's currency?

a. Knut.

b. Katzenwerfer.

c. Sickle.

15. Harry's arch-enemy is known as

a. Old What's-His-Name.

b. Malus Maximus

c. You-Know-Who.

16. When Professor McGonagall graded students on turning a mouse into a snuffbox, she took off points for:

a. An aroma of cheese.

b. Squeaking hinges.

c. Whiskers on the box.

17. Where does Harry buy his wand?

a. Ollivander's.

b. Dillard's.

c. Online Magik and Occult.

18. Who plays Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter movie?

a. Sean Connery.

b. Richard Harris.

c. Mel Brooks.

19. First Years at Hogwarts are not allowed to what?

a. Date trolls.

b. Drink Twister Potion.

c. Have flying brooms.

20. What's the Snitch?

a. An evil goblin who keeps tattling on everyone.

b. A winged golden ball captured by the Seeker in Quidditch.

c. The person who spilled the plot of the movie before you saw it.

Magical answers (not that you need them): B, C, C, B, A, B, B, B, C, B, C, A, B, B, C, C, A, B, C, B.


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