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Word Nerds

Sweet Jerusalem, are you ever effed. ZQAYXTF? You'll never make a high-scoring word out of those tiles. Think. Don't panic. You're good with words — a total dictionary junkie. Get it together! Oh, the shame!

Relax. This is Scrabble Club, remember? Your toughest decision should be whether to have hot cocoa and homemade Scrabble cookies or cherry-vanilla soda and popcorn. Besides, just piggyback off that free R to form ZARF — that's sixteen points without the triple-word score. Boo-yah!

"We're just having fun — just people getting together to eat cookies, play Scrabble and laugh," says co-founder Robin Edwards. "A lot of Scrabble clubs, I think, are for really hard-core players. We're just more interested in the social aspects of it."

Scrabble Club, now in its fourth month, meets at 8 p.m. tonight — and the last Tuesday of every month — at Chielle, 3333 East Colfax Avenue. Snacks, laughs and casual competition come standard. Get details at club or 303-722-1877.
Last Tuesday of every month, 8 p.m., 2007


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