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Zen and the Art of Money Maintenance

"It's a wagon with slightly clunky wheels, but that's intentional," says performance artiste extraordinaire Nina Rolle. "It's a traveling medicine show that pitches a tent in whatever town it's in, and then these rogues show up and put on a production. It's got that kind of flavor."

It's tough to describe a show like Zen Cabaret Version 6.5: Play Money. "I approach all of the art that I make as my life practice, so in that way, there's the Zen part," Rolle notes. "In a way, the whole thing is a practice of how I like to laugh, the kind of laugh I want to bring to people, with maybe a word play or an unexpected source of music or something truly ridiculous.

"It's amazing we don't have a chicken in the act yet," she adds. But she does have banjo player Jayme Stone and two other musicians, who'll add a new sonic element to Zen Cabaret. Rolle also promises "absurdist retail therapy: We sell products that are completely absurd. No examples. You just have to come."

Engage in free absurdist retail and economic therapy with Rolle tonight and tomorrow night beginning at 7 p.m. at the Boulder Public Library's Canyon Theater, 1000 Canyon Boulevard. Call 303-441-4113 or visit for more information.
April 20-21, 7 p.m.


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