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The main attractions at Barricuda's, a quintessential neighborhood bar, are the prices and the atmosphere, which is laid-back and friendly.
Highland Tavern

Highland Tavern

The Highland Tavern is a neighborhood bar through and through; many of the patrons are locals or newcomers to the area.
Scruffy Murphy's

Scruffy Murphy's

This neighborhood pub offers a warm, inviting old world setting to have a beer or check out the occasional live act -- traditional Celtic and Irish folk music to acoustic rock -- and hang out with the locals.

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  • The Eagle Grill

    The Eagle Grill

    1600 N. Hover Road Longmont, CO 80501
    303-772-2555 On any given day, you’re bound to see a number of motorcycles outside Longmont’s Eagle Grill. But while the lively bar gets its share of bikers, a good part of the clientele is made up locals and regulars. During the week, the Eagle hosts a popular karaoke night on Thursdays, and on the weekends, the place brings in a variety of local bands. There’s a decent selection of beers on tap, including a few from Oskar Blues and New Belgium breweries. The menu includes some American standards as well Southwestern and Tex-Mex items. Read more about The Eagle Grill >>

  • Ease On In Lounge

    Ease On In Lounge

    4058 Fox St. Denver, CO 80216

    A destination spot on Fox Street, not too far from where I-25 meets Park Avenue West, the Ease On In Lounge is one of the few watering holes in this Denver neighborhood. The cozy bar's clientele comes to drink and eat burritos, tacos and burgers, but there's also live music, poker nights and a pool league on tap. Read more about Ease On In Lounge >>

  • Ede

    3090 Downing St. Denver, CO 80205

  • El Camino

    El Camino

    3628 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211
    720-889-7946 When owner Grant Gingerich decided to turn the former Swimclub32 into something that would better fit the rapidly changing Highlands neighborhood, he drew inspiration from the taquerias that had been sprinkled throughout the area for years -- but gave the concept a shot of sex appeal. He painted the building bright pink, opened the windows to the outside, and filled the bar with skulls, chandeliers made of beer cans and other flashy Mexican accoutrements. The atmosphere at El Camino is fun and welcoming, and so is the food. While the board is too heavy on things like molten cheese and too light on things like intestines to really sate a craving for authentic Mexican, it's also not hip like the menu at one of Rick Bayless's upscale Chicago joints. Instead, the food here is unpretentious, pulling from all regions of Mexico -- simple fare influenced by the desires of American palates that pairs well with El Camino's killer margaritas. They're the best in town, as are the nachos. And the dollar tacos on Tuesday are a terrific deal. Read more about El Camino >>

  • El Chapultepec

    El Chapultepec

    1962 Market St. Denver, CO 80202
    303-295-9126 A downtown landmark since 1933, El Chapultepec is the swinging home to Denver's finest jazz and R&B artists, who command the stage in the tiny club seven nights a week. Though the 'Pec is most celebrated for its music, the food is well worth a visit. With American grub and traditional Mexican dishes that beg to be smothered in cheese and green chile, El Chapultepec is a classic choice for a weekday lunch or a burrito fix during a night on the town. Spicy, cheesy and inexpensive, the 'Pec's food does the trick on a rough morning after, too. The music leans to the traditional, and so do the tastes of purists who show up to listen in this dim, vintage gem. Read more about El Chapultepec >>

  • El Chapultepec Too

    El Chapultepec Too

    3930 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80212

    Anybody who's ever been to El Chapultepec on the weekend knows that the tiny place fills up fast. Sometimes it gets so boisterous that it's hard to hear the jazzers playing on the tiny stage. We've often wished that the club was about four times bigger -- you know, the kind of joint where you can actually find a place to sit, have a beer and take in some of our city's finest musicians. Enter El Chapultepec Too, housed in the former Blue Corn Lounge, just down the street from the old Elitch's site. Here you'll find live jazz - as well as funk, blues and R&B -- and plenty of room to move. Read more about El Chapultepec Too >>

  • El Charrito

    El Charrito

    2100 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205
    303-523-1688 Established in 1962, El Charrito has long been one of downtown’s classic dives. It’s been closed a few times over the years, but new owners took over the spot in 2009 and now call it a “five-star dive bar.” It's got a new-world feel while still retaining some of its old-school charm. Open Wednesday through Sunday, El Charrito serves cheap drinks, and it's a lively spot for karaoke on the weekends ― one of the few places in the Ballpark neighborhood to get on the mic on Fridays and Saturdays. Read more about El Charrito >>

  • El Faraon Night Club

    2727 W. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80204-4107

  • El Monte Grill & Lounge

    El Monte Grill & Lounge

    1611 S. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80525
    970-372-1869 While El Monte Grill & Lounge, in mid-town Fort Collins, is more than 2,000 miles north of Oaxaca, Mexico, the restaurant does its best to give customers a flavor of that southwestern Mexican state with its tamales, build-your-own guacamole and ceviche; steak, chicken and seafood entrees are also on the menu. Since opening in 2009, the upscale restaurant has become a hot spot in northern Colorado -- not just for its food, but also for its lounge, which is lively on the weekends. Read more about El Monte Grill & Lounge >>

  • El Paisano Bar

    11310 E. Colfax Ave. Aurora, CO 80010-5028

  • The Eldo

    215 Elk Ave. Crested Butte, CO 81224
    970-349-6125 Beer is main draw at the Eldo, Crested Butte’s only brewpub, but it’s also one of the area’s main places for live music, as the venue brings in both Colorado-based bands and national acts. The Eldo’s upstairs patio is an ideal drinking spot during the spring and summer, and its main room can get quite busy during ski season. The food menu includes a number of appetizers, including fried avocado wedges, nachos and tater tots, as well as burgers and sandwiches. Read more about The Eldo >>

  • Electric Cowboy

    Electric Cowboy

    8811 Harlan St. Westminster, CO 80031
    303-412-1133 While there aren't a whole lot of country bars near or even in Denver, the main ones are mostly huge spots -- and the Electric Cowboy, which is part of a national chain of country bars, is no exception. The Cowboy, which opened in 2007, has a massive dance floor that can get packed on the weekends and on ladies' night; dance lessons are also available. Although the bar attracts its share of dudes with cowboy hats and boots, it also brings in a fair amount of other locals from the surrounding Westminster and Arvada areas. And because not everyone is a die-hard country fan, DJs also toss in Top 40 tunes every now and then. Read more about Electric Cowboy >>

  • Elliot

    Elliot's Martini Bar

    234 Linden St. Fort Collins, CO 80524
    970-472-9802 There are a number of spots in Old Town Fort Collins that cater to Colorado State University students, but Elliot’s Martini Bar skews more upscale than many of them. With its 1940s and ’50s feel, Elliot’s is somewhat swank without getting too classy. The extensive drink menu includes classic martinis, creative drinks, seasonal cocktails, dessert martinis, fine beers, wines and Scotches. There are also a variety of tapas items, like tiny twice-baked potatoes, spinach and artichoke dip, pesto torta and baked Brie with caramelized onions. Read more about Elliot's Martini Bar >>

  • The Elm

    The Elm

    5001 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80220
    303-336-5763 Anyone from Boston is likely to develop an instant affinity for the Elm. Red Sox fans rule supreme here, the bar also supports other Beantown teams such as the Celtics, Bruins and Patriots. Still, this Little Pub Company-owned spot is subtle with its memorabilia and keeps it simple, with black-and-white photos hanging on the walls and a few ball caps hanging over the bar. The building was once a drugstore and soda fountain, and the Elm still retains a bit of its history with retro fixtures and a classic wood bar. The menu runs the pub-food gamut, from wings and burgers to salads and wraps. If you're looking for Denver's answer to Cheers, the Elm might be your place -- or least a place to run into someone else from Boston. Read more about The Elm >>

  • Emerald Isle

    Emerald Isle

    4385 S. Parker Road Aurora, CO 80015

    From the great outside patio, Emerald Isle has a biker bar/roadhouse vibe - but inside, there's a total role reversal, with a pleasant dining room and bar, caricatures of regulars on the walls and friendly service. The music is good (if Metallica and '90s alterna-metal is your thing), and the food can be great: Americanized Mexican, with killer avocado-and-bacon cheeseburgers and smothered chimichangas that take up an entire plate. Read more about Emerald Isle >>

  • The End Pub & Grub

    The End Pub & Grub

    2601 W. Hampden Ave. Englewood, CO 80110

    Sure, it's off the beaten path and not in the best part of Sheridan, but the End Pub & Grub is pretty nice inside. The red-and-black-checked floors, wood-paneled walls, Christmas lights and vinyl booths give the dive a lived-in, timeless quality -- and with enough space to stretch out, it never feels crowded. Drop in on Fridays, when rock and blues bands play, or on Saturdays for karaoke. The End serves standard pub grub for lunch and dinner and opens at 8 a.m. for breakfast on Sundays. Read more about The End Pub & Grub >>

  • End Zone Sports Bar

    16099 E. Mercer Circle Aurora, CO 80013-2762

  • Englenook


    3470 S. Broadway Englewood, CO 80113

    Just a few blocks south of the Gothic Theatre, this sports bar is spacious enough to pack in quite a few sports enthusiasts, whether it be football or NASCAR fans. It's a step above a dive and big enough to have enough space wherever you're sitting. Read more about Englenook >>

  • Extra Innings

    Extra Innings

    3333 S. Tamarac Drive Denver, CO 80231-4362

  • The Extra Point Sports Bar

    4050 E. 100th Ave. Denver, CO 80229