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Charlie Brown's Bar & Grill

Charlie Brown's Bar & Grill

Once favored by Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, Charlie's now draws one of Denver's most diverse crowds, including art students, career drinkers and singers who turn up for karaoke.
Kentucky Inn

Kentucky Inn

A self-proclaimed "Midwest bar," the Kentucky Inn is just one of many small, discreet dives existing in now-posh neighborhoods like West Wash Park.
The Walnut Room

The Walnut Room

While the Walnut Room is a great place for grub, it's also a 250-person music venue that brings in a steady stream of local and national acts and boasts one of the best-sounding rooms in the city.

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  • The Horseshoe Lounge

    The Horseshoe Lounge

    414 E. 20th Ave. Denver, CO 80205
    303-832-1180 Outfitted with booths, couches, comfy chairs, a pool table, a dartboard and a big-screen TV, the Horseshoe Lounge feels like walking into someone's living room or basement rec room, which is a damn good thing if you're in for a long night of boozing. The place is so cozy that time just doesn't become an issue. But you can also catch a quick drink at the thirty-foot shotgun bar, whose surface is made up of about 23,000 dice coated in a thin layer of resin. The Horseshoe serves up a killer selection of brews and cocktails and also delivers pizza and a few varieties of tater tots, including pizza tots (covered with melted mozzarella and tomato sauce) and piggy tots (covered in melted cheddar and bacon). Read more about The Horseshoe Lounge >>

  • The Hungry Toad

    The Hungry Toad

    2543 N. Broadway Boulder, CO 80304
    303-442-5012 This English-style pub serves top-notch imported British ales on draft, including Boddingtons Pub Ale, Fuller's ESB, and Old Speckled Hen. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, and the food is great, too. You get the feeling that you're in England, or right at home -- or maybe both at the same time. Try the bubbly Asiago cheese dip served with toasted French bread -- or the potato skins with bacon, chili or broccoli, topped with cheddar or jalapeno and Monterey Jack -- over a couple of ESBs and some good conversation. Come for the Toad's happy hour. The parking lot is small, but there's plenty of easy street parking. Read more about The Hungry Toad >>

  • Hutch's Blue Bar

    3001 W. 71st Way Westminster, CO 80030-5437

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