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The main attractions at Barricuda's, a quintessential neighborhood bar, are the prices and the atmosphere, which is laid-back and friendly.
Highland Tavern

Highland Tavern

The Highland Tavern is a neighborhood bar through and through; many of the patrons are locals or newcomers to the area.
Scruffy Murphy's

Scruffy Murphy's

This neighborhood pub offers a warm, inviting old world setting to have a beer or check out the occasional live act -- traditional Celtic and Irish folk music to acoustic rock -- and hang out with the locals.

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  • RiNo Yacht Club

    RiNo Yacht Club

    3350 Brighton Blvd. Denver, CO 80216
    720-443-1135 When the Caprock Farm Bar pulled out of the Source, diners and shoppers were eager to see what would take over the central bar space in the complex. Pop-up juice bars filled the void for a while, but the booze started pouring again when the RiNo Yacht Club opened for business in September 2014. The Yacht Club is primarily a bar centered around cocktail creations from co-owners Mary Wright and McLain Hedges, who also own the Proper Pour liquor store in the Source. The drink list has a global, almost seafaring theme, with concoctions like The Age of Exploration, which combines rum with housemade masala sangria syrup and dry curaçao, and The Lucrative Way of Life, made from Indonesian cane liquor Batavia Arrack, Thai falernum (a spiced syrup), lime, mango, egg white and curry. More than a dozen wines are available by the glass, plus another two dozen or so by the bottle, and beers include such craft standouts as Southern Tier Pumpkin, Elevation Brewing Fan Boy and the Bruery's Berlinerweiss. Read more about RiNo Yacht Club >>

  • Road 34 Bike Bar

    Road 34 Bike Bar

    1213 W. Elizabeth St. Fort Collins, CO 80521
    970-221-3434 Originally a bike shop that opened in 2003, Road 34 in Fort Collins morphed into a bike bar two years later, making it the first true bike bar in the world, according to its website. By bikes, we mean bicycles, which the spot still sells and has hanging from the ceiling. Road 34 is also a deli and a tavern, and was a happening music venue that brought in a steady stream of local bands, musicians from other parts of the state and the occasional national act until it stopped hosting live music in July 2014. Read more about Road 34 Bike Bar >>

  • The Roadhouse Bar & Grill

    The Roadhouse Bar & Grill

    2035 S. Sheridan Blvd. Denver, CO 80227

    While the Roadhouse gets its share of bikers, it's one of the most friendly joints in the neighborhood. It's particularly fun on the weekends with a lively group of regulars taking part in karaoke or listening to live music. Read more about The Roadhouse Bar & Grill >>

  • The Robusto Room

    The Robusto Room

    9535 Park Meadows Drive Littleton, CO 80124
    303-790-7363 When you think of a cigar lounge, you imagine leather, dark wood and all things masculine. You'll find all that at the Robusto Room, but in a way that creates an atmosphere more reminiscent of a cozy library in an old movie. It boasts an extensive wine list and DJs spin Tuesdays through Saturdays, coaxing the patrons (mainly professional types) to sidle onto the dance floor. Read more about The Robusto Room >>

  • Rock Bottom Brewery

    Rock Bottom Brewery

    1001 16th St. Denver, CO 80265-0003

  • Rock Rest Lodge

    Rock Rest Lodge

    16005 Mount Vernon Road Golden, CO 80401
    303-216-2895 Rock Rest Lodge originally opened in 1907 but was taken over by new ownership in 1995. It is an absolutely massive club, with more than enough seating and activities for a large amount of people -- and the huge interior is complemented by a big outdoor patio, to boot. Inside, you'll find the walls adorned with traditional Colorado fare: taxidermy, motorcycles and memorabilia. There's also a collection of bar games, including pool, Galaga and darts for those inclined to play games at the club. The bar features live music on Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as DJs Thursday through Sunday, meaning folks in their twenties and thirties are bound to find something entertaining here. Read more about Rock Rest Lodge >>

  • Rock-A-Billies


    12363 W. 64th Ave. Arvada, CO 80004
    303-421-1799 With checkered floors, an Elvis jukebox, a wall-sized Johnny Cash mural, and framed black-and-white photos of Hank Williams, Elvis and '50s hot rods hanging on the other walls, Rock-A-Billies is obviously geared toward folks who love rockabilly culture. Housed in the former Cucina Roma Roma restaurant spot in a strip mall at 64th Avenue and Ward Road, Rock-A-Billies is one of the few live-music venues in the area, bringing in rockabilly, blues and rock bands on Fridays and Saturdays. It also boasts a full kitchen that serves burgers, sandwiches, barbecue and steaks. Read more about Rock-A-Billies >>

  • Rockabillies


    12363 W. 64th Ave. Arvada, CO 80004-4015

  • Rockette Tavern

    10006 W. 44th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-2802

  • Rocky Flats Lounge

    Rocky Flats Lounge

    11229 Highway 93 Boulder, CO 80303

    This bar gives a whole new meaning to getting lit -- at one point, it was the payroll office for the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, the federal facility just across the highway that started producing plutonium triggers for nuclear bombs in the early ’50s and operated up until 1989. But the Rocky Flats Lounge has many more weapons in its arsenal: a great, gritty ambience; cheap and powerful drinks; a good bar menu complete with fish fries on Friday night; and a deck with expansive views of the Foothills...and the future wildlife refuge replacing Rocky Flats. In short, this is just the place to get bombed. Read more about Rocky Flats Lounge >>

  • Rocky Top Tavern

    Rocky Top Tavern

    4907 Lowell Blvd. Denver, CO 80221
    303-477-0265 The old Hill-Top Bar, just north of I-70 at 4907 Lowell Boulevard, was one of the tiniest dives in town -- but it had a big group of fans, and that small spot produced a lot of memories. In early 2014, the bar was resurrected as the Rocky Top Tavern. The hardwood floors of the building -- which has housed a bar for more than six decades -- were restored, a new bar was built, the bathrooms were remodeled, and a kitchen was added. Read more about Rocky Top Tavern >>

  • Rome

    Rome's Saloon

    785 W. Mississippi Ave. Denver, CO 80223

    Known for its gorgeous, scantily clad staff and sports-bar-like atmosphere, Rome's Saloon is very much a gentlemen's club, sans the poles. Family owned and operated for over thirty years, the southwest Denver hangout begins serving booze and food at 7 a.m. every day, with an extensive menu offering the usual fried goods, as well as burgers, sandwiches and steaks, from tuna to Tex-Mex. The mostly female staff dresses in themes -- think sexy Santas, Greek goddesses and medieval leather-and-lace princesses -- which is a trademark draw for the bar. A shuffleboard game splits the big room, with booths and a pool table to one side and a beautiful, TV-lined wooden bar on the other. Striking the perfect balance between Hooter's and a gentlemen's club, Rome's is for everyone from the blue-collar worker to the businessman -- and every Broncos fan in between. Read more about Rome's Saloon >>

  • Roo Bar

    Roo Bar

    3480 Park Ave. W. Denver, CO 80216
    303-455-8700 For years, RooBar was a Cherry Creek institution. The basement spot off Fillmore Plaza could be hard as hell to find, but once you found it, chances were that you'd return. Soaring rents eventually forced it out, but a few years later, RooBar was resurrected off of Park Avenue West, right near I-25 and not too far from Coors Field. It's a bit of an odd place for a bar, but it works. While it's quite the change from the former location, Cherry Creek regulars will be happy to see some the same of the same decor and the return of the beloved weekly trivia night. There's also a full menu that includes nine kinds of wings. Read more about Roo Bar >>

  • Roosevelt


    1512 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80202

    Greg Gallagher knows bars -- he owns Gaslamp and the Front Porch -- and he knows the part of town (the edge of LoDo) where both of those bars are located. So he knew what he wanted, and what would work, when he decided to open Roosevelt right next to the Front Porch ― in Writers Square, in the former home of Tryst, which moved a block away. Gallagher says the bar emphasizes mixology and craft cocktails, but with more of a "come as you are" accessibility. Read more about Roosevelt >>

  • Roosevelt

    1512 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80202

  • Rosa Mia Inn

    Rosa Mia Inn

    4395 Yates St. Denver, CO 80212

    Opened way back in 1966, the Rosa Mia Inn has served up cold Buds to generations of working stiffs in the Berkeley neighborhood. Spruced up with a fresh coat of paint in 2013, the inn hums with the noise of pinball machines and conversations among the interesting characters who haunt the bar. A limited menu offers such standards as burgers, pizzas and chimichangas, but the dual happy hours -- from 10 to noon and 4 to 7 p.m. -- knock the price off of everything on the menu. The world around it may change, but the Rosa Mia isn't so easily swayed. Read more about Rosa Mia Inn >>

  • Route 285 Sports Bar & Grill

    Route 285 Sports Bar & Grill

    11873 Springs Conifer, CO 80433

  • Rox Bar & Grill

    Rox Bar & Grill

    12684 W. Indore Place Littleton, CO 80127
    303-972-2769 The Rox Bar & Grill near Ken Caryl is known for its extensive menu and a great patio with a view of the foothills, but the place also cranks classic rock on its sound system and shows sporting events on a number of flat-screens around the place. There's room to spread out even when it gets busy, and although it looks like a ski lodge from the outside, the interior has a more modern feel. The menu includes such bar-food staples as wings, nachos and sliders, as well as burgers, sandwiches and steaks. Read more about Rox Bar & Grill >>

  • Royal Hilltop

    Royal Hilltop

    18581 E. Hampden Ave. Aurora, CO 80013
    303-690-7738 Owners James and Tina Pachorek did something brilliant when they opened this small, family-oriented British-style pub in the far reaches of eastern Aurora: They created a casual, laid-back, non-threatening restaurant that people want to return to. The menu, while lacking the glitz and style of trendier eateries, is filled with soul-satisfying pub food - bangers and mash, shepherd's pie with stout gravy, fish fry every night of the week - and the bar is well-stocked. Read more about Royal Hilltop >>

  • Rustic Tavern

    Rustic Tavern

    5126 W. 29th Ave. Denver, CO 80212

    The Rustic Tavern is happy to be what it is: just a bar. Opened more than 53 years ago by JoAnn Turner and her husband, the simple neighborhood beer joint doubles as a comforting abode for regulars and strangers alike. The original Formica bar top has seen thousands of happy elbows, and the wooden booths are equally worn from decades of content customers looking for a drinking place. Virtually everything's original -- from the sweet and chatty owner to the vintage pool table -- but Rustic Tavern's best-kept secret is its patio. Just outside the back door is an incredible view of the Denver skyline, which can be enjoyed from the grass-covered yard any time of the year. Read more about Rustic Tavern >>

  • The Rusty Bucket Bar & Grill

    The Rusty Bucket Bar & Grill

    3355 S. Wadsworth Blvd. Denver, CO 80227
    303-980-6200 With a whole wall dedicated solely to Steelers memorabilia, including a Terrible Towel, it’s fairly obvious that the Rusty Bucket a Steelers bar. While there's no mistaking that you’ve entered Steeler country when you step inside this neighborhood sports joint it's a also decent place to check out any game as the place has fifteen hi-def flat screen TVs. Sure, sports are the main attraction here, but on the weekends, the spot brings in live rock and blues acts. The menu includes steaks, burgers, Tex-Mex specialties, sandwiches, burgers, salads and wraps. Read more about The Rusty Bucket Bar & Grill >>

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