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The main attractions at Barricuda's, a quintessential neighborhood bar, are the prices and the atmosphere, which is laid-back and friendly.
Highland Tavern

Highland Tavern

The Highland Tavern is a neighborhood bar through and through; many of the patrons are locals or newcomers to the area.
Scruffy Murphy's

Scruffy Murphy's

This neighborhood pub offers a warm, inviting old world setting to have a beer or check out the occasional live act -- traditional Celtic and Irish folk music to acoustic rock -- and hang out with the locals.

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  • Sports Station American Grill

    Sports Station American Grill

    409 N. Railroad Ave. Loveland, CO 80537
    970-461-2735 Once a train station in downtown Loveland that was built in 1902, Sports Station American Grill opened in 2006, taking advantage of the building's unique architecture. While the Sports Station is undoubtedly sports-centric, the friendly place brings people together like the old train station did, so there's a feeling of community here, too. The menu includes a build-your-own-burger option, fresh wraps, salads, appetizers and Mexican entrees, and the Sports Station boasts one of the largest outdoor patios around. Read more about Sports Station American Grill >>

  • Sports Station Bar & Grill

    850 Dayton St. Aurora, CO 80010

  • The Sportsbook Bar & Grill

    The Sportsbook Bar & Grill

    9660 E. Arapahoe Road Englewood, CO 80112
    303-799-1300 The moniker of this Greenwood Village bar pretty much sums up the place. The Sportsbook prides itself on showing just about every sporting event on its multiple flat-screen TVs (and projection screen), whether it's football, hockey, basketball, baseball, rugby or UFC fights, and it's one of the few spots in the Denver Tech Center area where you can watch soccer games on a regular basis. The menu offers standard bar fare, including appetizers, salads, wraps, burgers and sandwiches. There's live music on Saturdays and an open-mike night on Wednesdays. Read more about The Sportsbook Bar & Grill >>

  • Spot Bar & Grill

    Spot Bar & Grill

    98 S. Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80209
    303-733-1299 The value of a bar's cleanliness is often overlooked until you walk into a place like the Spot, where the shining liquor bottles and dustless corners pleasantly stick out. The pub's arched and mirrored back bar make the tiny joint look larger than life, and its variety of high-end booze and handful of beers on tap offer something for every drinker. A TV or two hangs inconspicuously from the ceiling, and while this is definitely the place to catch a game, the atmosphere is relatively sports-neutral, welcoming sports fans and non-sports fans alike to come in and kick back. The patio is covered and heated, the staff is top-notch, and the menu aims high above typical bar food, promising the Spot's legacy will continue long past the decade and a half it has already been open. Read more about Spot Bar & Grill >>

  • Spot Bar & Grill Golden

    Spot Bar & Grill Golden

    111 N. Rubey Drive Golden, CO 80403

  • Spruce Tap House

    Spruce Tap House

    2401 Blake Street Denver, CO 80205

    When the Blake Street Tavern left its original location for bigger digs down the street (in the cavernous, clubby space that once housed Polly Esther's), the resulting vacuum sucked in a couple of eateries that tried to make a go of things there. Brauns moved from its home in front of the Pepsi Center but couldn't find success closer to Coors Field, while RiNo's came and went with barely a notice. Now the Spruce Tap House, which opened in November 2014, is in the space, with a team, including Brian Sommatino and chef Jeremy McMinn, that has demonstrated the ability to succeed in difficult locations. Wings, spare ribs and rib tips highlight the menu, and the smokehouse theme continues in the decor, with rough-hewn woods, dark colors and mounted animal heads adorning the bar and dining room. While it's definitely not the TV-heavy sports bar that the Blake Street Tavern was, the Spruce still boasts enough flat-screens to satisfy fans. The twenty beers on tap are mostly from Colorado, but also include a few rare artisan ales from around the U.S. and Belgium. Read more about Spruce Tap House >>

  • Sputnik


    3 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80209
    720-570-4503 Located in the music-friendly Baker neighborhood, Sputnik is a place to get the party started before a show or to recap events after one. Located next door to the Hi-Dive, Sputnik is frequented by touring bands hoping to fill the hunger void with a PBR and a corn dog, and local rockers hoping to get their band on the bill or an application to work the door. If all the partying during the week has you feeling a little hazy, Sputnik has you covered with its daily hangover brunch (available 'til 3 p.m.), featuring breakfast burritos, egg tacos and the life-giving Hangover Scramble, served alongside deals on Bloody Marys and mimosas. Read more about Sputnik >>

  • Squeeze Inn

    Squeeze Inn

    5395 W. 48th Ave. Denver, CO 80212

    If you're not looking for the Squeeze Inn, it's likely you'll drive right past the tiny drink shack and its barely visible sign. But once you make your way into this single-room lounge with checker-tiled floors and red vinyl seats, you'll never forget it. Set at the back of a wide-open lot, the one-time burger joint and husband hideout has been in operation since the late 1950s, serving up nothing fancy -- just beer and plain cocktails. A jukebox and a TV or two can be found in the clean and brightly lit establishment, but it's obvious that it's the conversation patrons come in for. Frozen pizza is the only thing currently on the menu, but that's set to change this summer, when the miniature bar's back kitchen gets cooking again and the freshly poured concrete patio is open for business. Read more about Squeeze Inn >>

  • The Squire Lounge

    The Squire Lounge

    1800 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80203

    There are few legendary dives left in Denver, and the Squire is one of them. Nestled into the corner of Williams and Colfax, the sprawling Squire caters to anyone who wants to take in the sights and sounds. It's all in a day's work -- emphasis on day -- in the large space, where windows let in ample light to shine upon the long shuffleboard table, foosball field and mural of Colfax's icons (above the weirdly located booths). By night, the crowd loosens up a bit -- especially on the weekends, or on the Squire's now-famous Tuesday comedy night -- to include all ages and backgrounds. But, yes, even on the busiest night, there's still a pretty good chance you will hear a dude talking to himself while he drinks his cheap Bud. Read more about The Squire Lounge >>

  • St George Sports Bar & Grill

    9655 Montview Blvd. Aurora, CO 80010-2036

  • Stadium Inn

    Stadium Inn

    1701 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80210
    303-733-4031 The Stadium Inn has been a University of Denver hangout for decades, for students as well as regulars. Any way you look it, the folks who come to this cozy, vinyl-clad dive like to drink: Be it fact or folklore, the Stadium Inn claims to sell more Jim Beam per square foot than any other bar in the country. But it's also a good spot for catching a game or shooting some pool. Read more about Stadium Inn >>

  • Stagecoach Sports Grill

    Stagecoach Sports Grill

    30790 Stagecoach Blvd. Evergreen, CO 80439
    303-674-4633 This longtime BBQ joint and raucous bar's recipes include succulent St. Louis-cut pork ribs and baby backs, all with a deep, smoky taste and a molasses-sweet, Kansas City-style sauce. The prime rib is smoked, too, for a unique taste. Read more about Stagecoach Sports Grill >>

  • Stampede


    2430 S. Havana St. Aurora, CO 80014
    303-696-7686 A huge circular dance floor dominates the space in Stampede, a country-Western club, bar and restaurant. It has a mechanical bull for your riding pleasure, plenty of neon and wood decor and even a few fence-post railings to lean on if you've had one too many or simply need a break from dancing. The restaurant serves up mesquite-grilled favorites. Read more about Stampede >>

  • Stampede Mesquite Grill & Dance Emporium

    Stampede Mesquite Grill & Dance Emporium

    2430 S. Havana St. Aurora, CO 80014-1612
    303-696-7686 A huge circular dance floor dominates the space in Stampede, a country-Western club, bar and restaurant. It has a mechanical bull for your riding pleasure, plenty of neon and wood decor and even a few fence-post railings to lean on if you've had one too many or simply need a break from dancing. The restaurant serves up mesquite-grilled favorites. Read more about Stampede Mesquite Grill & Dance Emporium >>

  • Stapleton Tap House

    Stapleton Tap House

    8286 Northfield Blvd. Denver, CO 80238

  • Star Bar

    Star Bar

    2137 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205
    720-328-2420 Located at 21st and Larimer streets, just around the corner from Coors Field, Star Bar offers the small hole-in-the-wall feel that many Denverites are looking for. Maintaining a strict "B.Y.O.F." (Bring Your Own Food) policy makes this a welcoming and unique setting to sip on your favorite spirits. With a pool table and a handful of arcade games in the back, a slip-out-the-back patio and a revolving door of specials, Star Bar is sure to be a favorite for anyone exploring the LoDo, Curtis Park and RiNo districts. Thanks to a loyal clientele, Star Bar will continue to shine as one of Denver's oldest watering holes, having been in its current location for more than fifty years. And with a recent makeover, Star Bar is more appealing than ever. Read more about Star Bar >>

  • Stardust Lounge

    Stardust Lounge

    5205 Marshall St. Arvada, CO 80002

    While it might sound like it belongs in Vegas, the Stardust Lounge is a nondescript joint that you could easily drive by, but it's quite cozy on the inside. Something of an Arvada institution for more than three decades, the Stardust has just about everything a person could want in a decent night of imbibing, including cheap drinks, pool tables, plenty of seating at the bar and quite a few vinyl booths to stretch out in. While it's a decent place to check out a game, it's also a popular spot for karaoke and live music on the weekends. Read more about Stardust Lounge >>

  • Ste. Ellie

    Ste. Ellie

    1553 Platte St. Denver, CO 80202
    303-477-1447 There are plenty of high-end cocktail caves tucked into Denver's trendiest 'hoods, but Ste. Ellie, an intriguing fifty-seat boutique and small-plates retreat in the underbelly of Colt & Gray, rises above the rest. Although the black-and-white color palette, moody lighting, modular chairs and crescent-shaped booths are ambience-rich and obligingly swank, owner Nelson Perkins and head barman Kevin Burke have smartly assembled a behind-the-bar cast that harbors none of the snoot that too often plagues cocktail bars whose aesthetics are 100-proof highbrow. Fifteen cocktails -- a fair split between classic and current, all impeccably accomplished -- are augmented by a "based-on- your-preferences" bartender's choice, potent punch for a crowd, and a well-curated selection of wines, champagne and beer. There's no shortage of food cred here, either: Try the clams and octopus with viande 'nduja (an Italian pork sausage) or the duck-confit poutine. Read more about Ste. Ellie >>

  • The Stockyard Saloon

    The Stockyard Saloon

    4710 National Western Drive Denver, CO 80216
    303-298-0525 Yee-haw! During the annual National Western Stock Show, the Stockyard Saloon – located in a historic building in the heart of the old packinghouse district – is the hottest place in town. But this watering hole is worth a visit the rest of the year, too. The second-floor space offers an interesting view of the surrounding neighborhood, with the original pens and railroad tracks, and the view inside is usually pretty interesting, too, since cowboys are often rubbing elbows with FBI agents who office nearby, and buckle bunnies (“heifers,” according to the ladies’-room sign) are circling the crowd. The burgers and Mexican-food offerings are worthy, and the drinks are strong. Read more about The Stockyard Saloon >>

  • Stoney

    Stoney's Bar and Grill

    1111 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203
    303-830-6839 The website boasts that it's "a local kind of place," and Stoney's Bar & Grill definitely qualifies. With Colorado game holding down the menu, plenty of Colorado beers on tap, barn wood from Gunnison on the bar and a ski-lift chair from Keystone in the front of the house, Stoney's is a celebration of all things Colorado. Colorado with a Southern accent, since the kitchen also turns out chicken-fried steak and pulled pork, and the bar is a fan base for a couple of Southern teams. For more entertainment, there's a stage devoted to live music and Skee-Ball for those quieter days. Stoney's was brought to life by a team of industry pros, including Will Trautman, who formerly tended bar at Herb's Hideout, and namesake Stoney Jesseph, most recently at Govnr's Park. Read more about Stoney's Bar and Grill >>

  • Stout Street Social

    Stout Street Social

    1400 Stout St. Denver, CO 80202
    720-214-9100 Ambitious downtown eatery Stout Street Social opened in late 2014, with an intentionally eclectic menu for an area that's thick with businesspeople, tourists, conventioneers and theater-goers but isn't necessarily known as a destination dining zone (unless Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is your idea of a great destination). Concept Restaurants, which operates a handful of other restaurants around town -- Humboldt and Ignite! Burgers are two of the more recent to open - offers a small but diverse food lineup at Stout Street, a deep beer list and a range of specials, from happy hours with discount oysters to daily dinner deals to a theater supper package. Read more about Stout Street Social >>

  • Straight Home Bar

    2601 W. Hampden Ave. Sheridan, CO 80110-1905

  • The Strata Bar

    The Strata Bar

    650 15th St. Denver, CO 80202-4207

  • Streetlights On Broadway

    7575 Broadway Denver, CO 80221-3622

  • The Streets of London Pub

    The Streets of London Pub

    1501 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80218

    The Union Jack flies proudly in the hearts of Streets of London regulars, an Anglophilic bunch of punks, mod fashionistas, Vespa riders and neighborhood subjects. A British pub that thankfully doesn't serve warm beer, Streets has all of the requisite Old World flair, from pulled pints to posters of the Queen. Read more about The Streets of London Pub >>

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