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The Bar Car

The Bar Car

Given the building's rather nondescript front, the dark, rustic interior -- with its wisps of an old-timey railroad theme -- is a pleasant surprise.
Historians Ale House

Historians Ale House

The long bar at Historians Ale House is reminiscent of something you would find in Boston or Chicago, with its never-ending line of taps surrounded by warm brick walls and sky-high ceilings.
Williams & Graham

Williams & Graham

The focus is the big wooden bar, which has a drink menu featuring vignettes, anecdotes and profiles of spirits written by prolific bartenders from around the country, as well as a roster of simple, elegant cocktails.

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  • Old Chicago

    Old Chicago

    100 Superior Plaza Way Louisville, CO 80027

  • Outback Saloon

    3141 28th St. Boulder, CO 80301
    303-444-0081 If you're desperately in need of privacy, you'll find comfort in the dark corners of the Outback Saloon, a true dive in Boulder. Although this cavernous spot has clearly seen better days, that doesn't stop the crowds from packing in for pool, darts and bi-weekly karaoke, indulging in local tap beers and whiskey-Cokes while waiting their turn. Brave souls -- or drunken patrons in need of something to soak up the alcohol -- can eat free popcorn from a self-serve machine. And the owner is willing to blatantly disregard a lot of his own rules, observing the scene nightly from his post at a corner of the bar. Read more about Outback Saloon >>

  • Pearl Street Pub & Cellar

    Pearl Street Pub & Cellar

    1108 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302
    303-939-9900 Whether it's heavy drinkers or the college set, the Pearl Street Pub & Cellar accommodates them all and more. The multi-level spot right on the Pearl Street Mall serves up stiff drinks and some decent bar food. Read more about Pearl Street Pub & Cellar >>

  • The Pioneer Inn

    The Pioneer Inn

    15 E. First St. Nederland, CO 80466
    303-258-7733 The Pioneer Inn has made a lot of history -- and music -- since it opened in Nederland four decades ago. During the heyday of the Caribou Ranch, a recording studio that ran from the early '70s until it was damaged by fire in 1985, musicians stopping in Colorado for recording sessions would take breaks at the Pioneer. Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Carole King and Waylon Jennings all dropped by. John Lennon sat at the bar; Joe Walsh tended it. Live music had long been a fixture at the inn, but it faded away in recent years. Now Dave Lyons, who took over the Pioneer in 2011 with Cindy Shaw, is bringing it back, taking advantage of Nederland's music community and booking acts seven days a week. While the place still retains a lot of its rustic charm, there have been a few updates -- namely, improvements on its American and Mexican comfort menu, as Shaw has stepped up the food game by using fresher ingredients and being a little more conscious of vegetarian and gluten-free diets. Read more about The Pioneer Inn >>

  • Por Wine House

    Por Wine House

    836 Main Street Louisville, CO 80027

  • POSH


    1468 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302

  • Press Play

    Press Play

    1005 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302
    720-508-4916 Inspired by the success of some arcade bars in Denver, Jesse Gossett and Mike Boselli took over the former home of Round Midnight (which closed in the summer of 2012 after a three-decade run), rehabbed the space in the span of a week and a half, doing most of the construction themselves, and reopened it as Press Play in September 2012. While the spot has a number of old-school arcade games and pinball machines, it's also a dance club a few nights a week and, in a nod to Round Midnight, plays old-school hip-hop during the day, with the occasional DJ spinning hip-hop at night. Read more about Press Play >>

  • Rocky Flats Lounge

    Rocky Flats Lounge

    11229 Highway 93 Boulder, CO 80303

    This bar gives a whole new meaning to getting lit -- at one point, it was the payroll office for the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, the federal facility just across the highway that started producing plutonium triggers for nuclear bombs in the early ’50s and operated up until 1989. But the Rocky Flats Lounge has many more weapons in its arsenal: a great, gritty ambience; cheap and powerful drinks; a good bar menu complete with fish fries on Friday night; and a deck with expansive views of the Foothills...and the future wildlife refuge replacing Rocky Flats. In short, this is just the place to get bombed. Read more about Rocky Flats Lounge >>

  • Shine


    2027 13th St. Boulder, CO 80302
    303-449-0120 In 2008, triplets Jill, Jessica and Jennifer Emich bowed out of Boulder's restaurant scene when they sold Trilogy, their 13th Street wine bar; the space became the B-Side Lounge, which closed after a short run, and then Shug’s Low Country Cuisine. After working together for a few years on various projects, the Emichs decided to get back into the business and took over the space next door, which was once home to the Boulder Draft House. The new venture, Shine, serves organic, locally sourced food and a variety of elixirs and potions at the bar, as well as beers brewed on site. As they did at Trilogy, the sisters host live music and a number of other events at Shine, including cooking and nutrition classes. Read more about Shine >>

  • The Sink

    The Sink

    1165 13th St. Boulder, CO 80302
    303-444-7465 The Sink has been holding down the Hill since 1923, attracting generations of University of Colorado students, alums and regular residents of Boulder who appreciate just how raucous this town can get. Robert Redford worked as a janitor here when he was a CU student in the '50s; in the '70s, beatnik artists Mike Dormier and Lloyd Kavich created the groovy artwork that still adorns the walls, depicting the transformation from innocence to experience that can be attributed to college - or maybe just a night at the Sink itself. But the Sink isn't just about alcohol and ambience: It serves one of the better cheeseburgers in town, and other offerings on the kitchen-sink menu range from soups and salads to sandwiches and pizza. The Sink is a must-stop for anyone visiting Boulder - and just about everyone who lives here, too. Read more about The Sink >>

  • Southern Sun Brewery

    Southern Sun Brewery

    627 S. Broadway Boulder, CO 80305
    303-543-0886 The Mountain Sun group channels the spirit of those college roommates who maintained a constant house party, complete with a keg and a rotating roster of friends. The three pubs are a front for a microbrewery, and they each maintain a line of about twenty taps for the Sun's own solid, award-winning craft beers. During happy hour, hippies, hikers and lawn-game enthusiasts can indulge in $3 pints of heady IPAs and nitro stouts, supplemented by bar fare that pragmatically provides both bacon and beer-baked tempeh for the conscious eaters who frequent these establishments. Read more about Southern Sun Brewery >>

  • Sundown Saloon

    Sundown Saloon

    1136 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302

    Some folks loving call this underground dive on the Pearl Street Mall "The Scumdowner," it's worth weathering some unkempt folks (i.e. hippies) and the college set for the cheap booze, killer jukebox and a lot of pool tables. Read more about Sundown Saloon >>

  • Tibet

    Tibet's Restaurant & Bar

    321 McCaslin Blvd. Louisville, CO 80027
    303-665-2557 Tibet's is owned by Kami Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa, and related through blood (not money) to another great Tibetan restaurant: Sherpa's Adventurers Restaurant in Boulder. It's staffed by some of Sherpa's former waiters, and Pasang himself works the floor while the cooking is done by chef Uttam Lama, who has major cred: He got his training at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and once cooked for the Dalai Lama. The spacious dining room is lovely and comfortable, with the sounds of Tibetan music and the smells of Tibetan food filling the place. Read more about Tibet's Restaurant & Bar >>

  • Upslope Brewing Company

    Upslope Brewing Company

    1898 S. Flatiron Ct Boulder, CO 80301

  • Via Toscana

    Via Toscana

    356 S. McCaslin Blvd. Louisville, CO 80027-9432

  • The Walrus Saloon

    The Walrus Saloon

    1911 11th St Boulder, CO 80302
    303-443-9902 A favorite among CU-Boulder students, the Walrus Saloon has just about everything the college set needs for a good time: cheap drinks, pitchers of beer, games, music and peanuts. Sure, the dimly lit basement space is a bit of a dive, but the regulars don't seem to care. While the pool tables are a big draw, so are DJ nights on the weekends, when the action moves from the bar to the Walrus's small but serviceable dance floor. Read more about The Walrus Saloon >>

  • Waterloo


    809 S. Main St. Louisville, CO 80027
    303-993-2094 Since the early 1980s, Waterloo Records in Austin Texas has established itself as one of the coolest independent record stores in the state. So when two sons of the store's founder opened Waterloo in downtown Louisville in 2007, they brought with some of the store's hipness, some of its memorabilia and borrowed the logo as well. A neighborhood restaurant, bar and live music venue, the spot brings in live local music three days a week and also has a weekly acoustic open mic night. The menu includes Texas style barbecue, burgers, sandwiches and appetizers. Read more about Waterloo >>

  • West End Tavern

    West End Tavern

    926 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302
    303-444-3535 The comfort food served at the West End Tavern is what would result if a fast-moving drunken picnic crashed headlong into a great neighborhood bar, with beach food and backyard barbecue tangling up with lawn-fete classics and powerful drinks. We're talking sautéed greens and deviled eggs, roast-pork sandwiches, roast chicken and alcoholic root-beer floats -- all served on a patio with one of the greatest views in the area, which gives the place an endless-summer feel. Read more about West End Tavern >>

  • World of Beer

    921 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80303 Opening spring of 2015. Read more about World of Beer >>

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