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The main attractions at Barricuda's, a quintessential neighborhood bar, are the prices and the atmosphere, which is laid-back and friendly.
Highland Tavern

Highland Tavern

The Highland Tavern is a neighborhood bar through and through; many of the patrons are locals or newcomers to the area.
Scruffy Murphy's

Scruffy Murphy's

This neighborhood pub offers a warm, inviting old world setting to have a beer or check out the occasional live act -- traditional Celtic and Irish folk music to acoustic rock -- and hang out with the locals.

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  • Beer Depot Lounge

    4231 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80212-1925

    From the outside, the Beer Depot Lounge might look a little sketchy, but this 38th Avenue dive is fairly clean and respectable inside. The friendly joint has its share of locals and regulars, who come for cheap drinks and drink specials, free pool, shuffleboard, live music, karaoke and occasional free bar food. Read more about Beer Depot Lounge >>

  • Beetle Bar

    3014 E. Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80211

  • Berkeley Inn

    Berkeley Inn

    3834 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212

    Since 1946, the Berkeley Inn has been slinging drinks to folks from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week. This classic neighborhood watering hole brings steady stream of locals and bikers alike. In 2009, new owners gave the interior a bit of a face lift and turned the spot into a nice dive bar as opposed to a neglected dive bar. Read more about Berkeley Inn >>

  • Berkeley Untapped

    Berkeley Untapped

    4267 Tennyson Street Denver, CO 80212
    303-455-2222 The bunker-like space on the ground floor of the condo building at 4267 Tennyson Street wasn't very lucky for former tenants. Tastes Wine Bar lasted five years in the spot, then fizzled along with then-owner Daniel Kuhlman's short-lived Wild Catch on East 17th Avenue, while the art bar that took its place barely registered on the neighborhood's radar. New owners Rachael and Jay Bombalicki moved into the space with a modernized concept, quietly opening Berkeley Untapped in July 2014 with a carefully chosen list of craft beers, small-batch whiskeys and wines by the bottle or glass. Since the building's HOA prohibits a fully vented kitchen in the retail space, the Bombalickis concentrated instead on updating the bar and seating area, adding a multi-tap beer-dispensing setup with an industrial look that they found on Etsy, a new wooden bar top salvaged from an antique truck bed, and a few other reclaimed-wood flourishes. Read more about Berkeley Untapped >>

  • BookBar


    4280 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212
    720-443-2227 Recognizing the decreasing numbers of small, local bookstores, Nicole Sullivan realized she'd have to do something different when she took over the space at 4280 Tennyson Street. The result? BookBar, a spot she opened in the summer of 2013 that not only sells books, but also has coffee, beer, wine, pastries and other snacks available for purchase and serves as a community gathering place. All of the beer comes from local breweries, all of the pastries comes from local bakeries, and even the reading selection is selected by the community. And with a lovely bar covered with pages of books, BookBar is a great place to consume both literature and a liquid beverage or two. Read more about BookBar >>

  • The Classic Tavern

    The Classic Tavern

    3360 Navajo St. Denver, CO 80211
    720-638-7463 After decades as the Arabian Bar, the classic dive at 3360 Navajo Street closed in the fall of 2012 and was given a facelift by Barry Zadikoff, owner of Barry's on Broadway, who opened it as Local Bar@Highland in January. But the concept was short-lived: Near the middle of 2013, it was sold to the Little Pub group, which made a few changes and just reopened it as the Classic Tavern. The new owners wanted to provide the LoHi neighborhood with a hangout that has the same dive-bar vibe as the Arabian (the mural on the exterior is a tribute to that spot). Read more about The Classic Tavern >>

  • El Camino

    El Camino

    3628 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211
    720-889-7946 When owner Grant Gingerich decided to turn the former Swimclub32 into something that would better fit the rapidly changing Highlands neighborhood, he drew inspiration from the taquerias that had been sprinkled throughout the area for years -- but gave the concept a shot of sex appeal. He painted the building bright pink, opened the windows to the outside, and filled the bar with skulls, chandeliers made of beer cans and other flashy Mexican accoutrements. The atmosphere at El Camino is fun and welcoming, and so is the food. While the board is too heavy on things like molten cheese and too light on things like intestines to really sate a craving for authentic Mexican, it's also not hip like the menu at one of Rick Bayless's upscale Chicago joints. Instead, the food here is unpretentious, pulling from all regions of Mexico -- simple fare influenced by the desires of American palates that pairs well with El Camino's killer margaritas. They're the best in town, as are the nachos. And the dollar tacos on Tuesday are a terrific deal. Read more about El Camino >>

  • El Chapultepec Too

    El Chapultepec Too

    3930 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80212

    Anybody who's ever been to El Chapultepec on the weekend knows that the tiny place fills up fast. Sometimes it gets so boisterous that it's hard to hear the jazzers playing on the tiny stage. We've often wished that the club was about four times bigger -- you know, the kind of joint where you can actually find a place to sit, have a beer and take in some of our city's finest musicians. Enter El Chapultepec Too, housed in the former Blue Corn Lounge, just down the street from the old Elitch's site. Here you'll find live jazz - as well as funk, blues and R&B -- and plenty of room to move. Read more about El Chapultepec Too >>

  • Forest Room 5

    Forest Room 5

    2532 15th St. Denver, CO 80211
    303-433-7001 A block west of I-25, near the 15th Street bridge, Forest Room 5 is just hip enough to be cool without being trendy. With its dim lighting and candles on the tables, this upscale neighborhood spot attracts a youthful crowd most days of the week, especially on the weekends. While the place is spacious and houses a few different rooms, some of which can be rented out for private functions, it still retains a fair amount of intimacy, and it's easy to find a spot to have a private conversation. In addition to cocktails, wine and beer, Forest Room 5 serves a full menu that includes seared ahi tuna sliders, mini-burgers, bruschetta, pizza, mac-and-cheese and more. Read more about Forest Room 5 >>

  • The Hai Bar

    The Hai Bar

    3600 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211
    720-855-0888 A gracious extension of its next door, multi-level restaurant and lounge, Sushi Hai, Hai Bar is a beautiful underground sanctuary spreading across two spacious basement rooms. Equitably designed for both sushi nibbling and cocktails, plush couches and within-reach tables mix with wall-to-wall booths, standing bar tops and private rooms for six or more. Live DJs, Texas Hold 'Em tournaments and karaoke are all weekend attractions, along with flat-screens throughout playing everything from music videos to football games. With a built-in sushi bar, patrons can order fresh rolls or anything off the upper restaurant's full menu. A laundry list of specialty saketinis, martinis and cocktails add to Hai Bar's full-on sensory experience. Read more about The Hai Bar >>

  • Highland Tavern

    Highland Tavern

    3400 Navajo St. Denver, CO 80211
    303-433-1990 Since opening in 2006, this hip, low-maintenance LoHi watering hole has attracted a large fan base of regulars, some of whom come in with their scooter clubs or kickball and hockey teams. It's a neighborhood bar through and through; many of the patrons are locals or newcomers to the area. That said, the Highland attracts a diverse group of folks, and the crowd can vary from night to night. The cozy spot has a patio and offers ping-pong, pool and foosball as well as video games. While it already had a decent selection of beer on tap, the tavern took things up a notch when it opened its kitchen in 2009. Nearly everything on the menu (which includes burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads and late-night bites) is made from scratch and is a step above the average pub grub. Read more about Highland Tavern >>

  • Lakeview Lounge

    Lakeview Lounge

    2375 Sheridan Blvd. Denver, CO 80214

    While the patio at Lakeview Lounge in Edgewater has prime views of Sloan's Lake, Sheridan Boulevard and the Denver skyline, inside is a weathered, classic dive that time forgot. Clearly a drinker's haven, the dimly lit and somewhat dirty lounge serves mystery shots in brown paper bags, and the drinks are cheap. Regulars throw dice and dollar bills at each other, and the bathroom is a real water-closet hellhole; the bar opens at 7 a.m. for anyone who wants a beer for breakfast. That's heaven for some folks. Read more about Lakeview Lounge >>

  • Local 46

    Local 46

    4586 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212
    720-524-3792 When popular karaoke spot the Music Bar closed at the end of 2011, the space was thoroughly cleaned up and refurbished, using as much recycled material as possible. Local 46 opened in April 2012, becoming more of community tavern than the classic dive the place used to be. As a tribute to the older bar’s history, though, some of the old jazz-style wallpaper still peeks through the new paint and recycled wood paneling on the walls. Read more about Local 46 >>

  • Marisela

    Marisela's Night Club

    3900 Pecos St. Denver, CO 80211

    Marisela's Night Club in northwest Denver has long been a popular venue for hearing authentic live Latin music, including salsa, mariachi and banda, from mostly local acts. Not surprisingly, the dance floor at this lively spot can sometimes get so crowded that it's tough to move, especially on weekends. On Sundays, Marisela's offers free food and entertainment. Read more about Marisela's Night Club >>

  • The Matador

    The Matador

    3496 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211
    303-561-2855 This wood-paneled Highland cantina is the latest outpost of a Seattle-based Tex-Mex operation that made its name providing a good time along with its nachos and margaritas. But Matador's tumbleweed-kickin' flavors are more suited to the streets of San Antonio than to the Pacific Northwest. The expected flavors are all here, from hefty taco plates to deep-fried delights like chiles rellenos. Hundreds of tequila varieties and hand-painted animal skulls adorn the walls, shoring up Matador's Tex-Mex credentials. Read more about The Matador >>

  • Mead Street Station

    Mead Street Station

    3625 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211
    303-433-2138 A rowdy restaurant/bar in northwest Denver, Mead St. Station's biggest draw is probably its reasonably priced food and decent array of microbrews and top-shelf liquor; on weekends, the bar is crammed with happy imbibers. But music is also on the menu several nights a week, with acoustic, cover, jazz and R&B bands working a window-side stage area. Read more about Mead Street Station >>

  • Patrick Carroll

    Patrick Carroll's

    3963 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212
    303-458-6666 Named after a Boston-area blacksmith from the late 1800s, Patrick Carroll's was started by one of his descendants in 2005. This Berkeley neighborhood watering hole is an updated take on the traditional Irish pub, one of the few in the area. While the cozy, inviting spot brings in a decent lunch crowd, it also attracts a wide variety of folks in the evening who come to drink well-poured pints of Guinness or chow down on appetizers, fish and chips or burgers. The game room in the back sports a few pool tables, shuffleboard, Golden T Golf and Buckhunter. Read more about Patrick Carroll's >>

  • Postino LoHi

    2715 17th Street Denver, CO 80211

  • Prost Fine Beer and Sausages

    Prost Fine Beer and Sausages

    3464 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211
    303-455-9012 Prost is an unassuming little beer hall tucked among the trendy bars and hipster joints on West 32nd Avenue, in the space formerly held by Asian-Mexican spot BOA. Decked out in dark wood with Bavarian-inspired touches, Prost may just fool you into thinking you're in Munich as you relax at the long, bierhall-style table or in the large biergarten out back. Prost, which opened in the summer of 2014, has a full kitchen and a menu that boasts a selection of fourteen different sausages, including veal bratwurst, the brewery's signature Oktoberfest beer-and-pork brat, and a Buffalo-green-chile-and-chipotle sausage. Read more about Prost Fine Beer and Sausages >>

  • Pub on Colfax

    Pub on Colfax

    7785 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, CO 80214

  • Rambling Rose

    10080 W. 44th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-2802

  • Red Coach Inn

    6560 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, CO 80214-1804

    Situated right across the street from Casa Bonita, the Red Coach Inn is one of the grimier dives on West Colfax. Even for weathered drinkers with strong stomachs who can appreciate a good old soiled hole in the wall, the Coach might be a bit of a shocker. Accordingly, the joint gets its share of older hardcore drinkers who like cheap drinks and don't need fancy cocktails or ambience. Read more about Red Coach Inn >>

  • Rosa Mia Inn

    Rosa Mia Inn

    4395 Yates St. Denver, CO 80212

    Opened way back in 1966, the Rosa Mia Inn has served up cold Buds to generations of working stiffs in the Berkeley neighborhood. Spruced up with a fresh coat of paint in 2013, the inn hums with the noise of pinball machines and conversations among the interesting characters who haunt the bar. A limited menu offers such standards as burgers, pizzas and chimichangas, but the dual happy hours -- from 10 to noon and 4 to 7 p.m. -- knock the price off of everything on the menu. The world around it may change, but the Rosa Mia isn't so easily swayed. Read more about Rosa Mia Inn >>

  • Rustic Tavern

    Rustic Tavern

    5126 W. 29th Ave. Denver, CO 80212

    The Rustic Tavern is happy to be what it is: just a bar. Opened more than 53 years ago by JoAnn Turner and her husband, the simple neighborhood beer joint doubles as a comforting abode for regulars and strangers alike. The original Formica bar top has seen thousands of happy elbows, and the wooden booths are equally worn from decades of content customers looking for a drinking place. Virtually everything's original -- from the sweet and chatty owner to the vintage pool table -- but Rustic Tavern's best-kept secret is its patio. Just outside the back door is an incredible view of the Denver skyline, which can be enjoyed from the grass-covered yard any time of the year. Read more about Rustic Tavern >>

  • Squeeze Inn

    Squeeze Inn

    5395 W. 48th Ave. Denver, CO 80212

    If you're not looking for the Squeeze Inn, it's likely you'll drive right past the tiny drink shack and its barely visible sign. But once you make your way into this single-room lounge with checker-tiled floors and red vinyl seats, you'll never forget it. Set at the back of a wide-open lot, the one-time burger joint and husband hideout has been in operation since the late 1950s, serving up nothing fancy -- just beer and plain cocktails. A jukebox and a TV or two can be found in the clean and brightly lit establishment, but it's obvious that it's the conversation patrons come in for. Frozen pizza is the only thing currently on the menu, but that's set to change this summer, when the miniature bar's back kitchen gets cooking again and the freshly poured concrete patio is open for business. Read more about Squeeze Inn >>

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