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  • Nestle Toll House Cafe

    3000 E. 1st Ave. Denver, CO 80206-5638

  • Nixon's Coffee House

    871 Englewood Parkway Englewood, CO 80110

  • Novo Coffee

    Novo Coffee

    1600 Glenarm Place Denver, CO 80202

  • Novo Coffee

    Novo Coffee

    1700 E. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80218

  • Novo Roasting Facility

    Novo Roasting Facility

    3008 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205
    303-295-7678 The father-and-sons owners of Novo Coffee -- Herb, Jake and Joe Brodsky -- are passionate about getting the best cup of coffee possible into the hands of consumers. So they spend a lot of time forging relationships, searching for beans and perfecting the processing of their coffee. This search for perfection leads them to Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Indonesia and many other corners of the world. Post-travels, they bring their finds back to their warehouse just north of downtown Denver, where they use a custom-built roaster to finish the coffee for packaging. The family team is obsessive about quality control, checking for flaws and roasting in small batches; the Brodskys are also willing educators and ardent about building the coffee community, conducting on-premise cuppings with the public to explain the nuances of beans, roasts and brewing methods. But a cup of Novo coffee speaks for itself: It's rich, complex, heady and absolutely delicious. More >>