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Tea Pot Lounge

Tea Pot Lounge

I looked at about a dozen different flowers, including a beautifully frosty and sweet Black Ice OG, some decent Super Silver Haze and the same Super Silver Haze/OG cross dubbed Kizzle that the Cannasseur developed.


Some cuts looked better than others, like the NYC Diesel and the Berry Skunk, but most looked well-dried and cured -- healthy buds from a medium-sized warehouse.
Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives also had two special strains, Blacktooth Grin and Lavender, at $15 per gram all the way up. I got a good look at both, and neither seemed to be of any better quality than the rest of the items on the shelf.

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  • Acme Healing Center

    Acme Healing Center

    309 Belleview Ave. Crested Butte, CO 81224

  • Acme Healing Center

    Acme Healing Center

    157 U.S. Hwy. 550 Ridgway, CO 81432

  • Acme Healing Center

    Acme Healing Center

    572 E. 3rd Ave. Durango, CO 81303

  • Acme Smoke

    1202 E. Fillmore St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • Alive Herbal Medicine

    Alive Herbal Medicine

    4573 Pecos St. Denver, CO 80211
    720-945-9543 Alive Herbal Medicine seems out of place. Not because it's situated in the small Sunnyside neighborhood next to a residential area, or because the corrugated tin barn of a building looks like it belongs on a farm and not off a busy interstate in the middle of Denver. What feels out of place is where it's located in town. Specifically, the shop seems like it belongs on South Broadway or Federal along with the dozens of other warehouse-grade medical-pot clearinghouses -- although its publicity photos definitely make it stand out. Read the full review on More >>

  • All Greens

    All Greens

    762 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204
    303-912-2013 Online menu: Yes. Other types of medicine: Hash, edibles. Handicap accessible? Yes. Read our full dispensary review of All Greens. More >>

  • Alpine Wellness

    300 W. Colorado Ave. Telluride, CO 81435

  • Alternative Medical Remedies

    1450 L St. Penrose, CO 81240

  • Alternative Medical Solutions

    Alternative Medical Solutions

    106 S. Mill St. Aspen, CO 81611

  • Alternative Medical Supplies

    Alternative Medical Supplies

    9 Karlann Dr. Black Hawk, CO 80422

  • Emerald City Wellness

    2606 W. Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80904

  • Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill

    Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill

    1301 Marion St. Denver, CO 80218
    720-961-0560 Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill has free chips, soda and waters for cotton-mouthed patients forced to wait behind people who take way too much time at the bud bar. The bud area is separated from the waiting area, and patients are let in one at a time. The room hums with the sound of the display coolers for refrigerated goods; there's a huge selection of edibles from Cheeba Chews, Mountain High, Mile High Ice Cream, Simply Pure, Julie & Kates, Northshore and a lot of others. If you prefer eating your ganja instead of smoking or vaping, this place is like the King Soopers of edibles. Otherwise, the shop is pretty simple, with a utilitarian gray carpet and simple glass countertops. A huge whiteboard features price breakdowns for all of the strains, waxes, hash, edibles and tinctures, making things easy to figure out. The shop also has cheaper strains sold in bulk starting at the half-­ounce. That means less attention to the buds individually, so don't expect super-­heady connoisseur nugs, but it's the type of well-­grown, outdoor­-quality herb that you'd love to find for $190 an ounce when you're broke. Read our full dispensary review of Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill. More >>

  • Altitude Organic Medicine

    523 S. Tejon St. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

  • Altitude the Dispensary East

    Altitude the Dispensary East

    6858 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80224
    303-756-8888 The buds at the east location of Altitude live up to the dispensary's name. This is a marijuana outlet that focuses on quality ­­ which means that the prices are often a little steeper than what you might find elsewhere on the market. To help soothe the pain point of the price tag, Altitude offers happy hours for both medical and recreational customers. There are typically more than a dozen strains on the shelves at any given time, plus Altitude also sells bags of top-­shelf shake for reasonable prices if you'd rather roll your own cone joints than purchase them. The dispensary also sells oil cartridges, topical creams and salves, drinks, edibles and extracts, to name just a few, plus pretty much everything you could possibly need to consume any/all of the above. The budtenders are friendly and helpful; in fact, the atmosphere that Altitude consciously cultivates brings back customers all by itself ­­-- even if they can get pot elsewhere for cheaper. More >>

  • Altitude the Dispensary West

    Altitude the Dispensary West

    1568 S. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80219
    720-708-5428 The west location of Altitude the Dispensary carries more than a dozen strains of sativa, indica and hybrid on its shelves ­­ not a huge selection, but those strains that do grace the shelves of this Altitude outpost are of notably high quality. Of course, they carry a commensurate price uptick to go with the better bud, but that's to be expected. And the budtenders at Altitude are knowledgeable and patient; they're happy to walk brand­-new patients through their strain options or help experienced users narrow down their ideal strain for either medical or recreational purposes. As at the east location, you can buy bags of top-­shelf shake (either sativa or indica) for low prices if you want to roll your own joints instead of dropping cash on pre­-rolls; there are also plenty of concentrates and edibles on the shelves for those who'd rather eat or drink their way to a high than smoke. More >>

  • Altitude Wellness Center

    Altitude Wellness Center

    3435 S. Yosemite St. Denver, CO 80231
    303-751-7888 Owner: Chris Jetter Opened: September 2009 Raw marijuana price range: $35 an eighth Other types of medicine: large hash selection, large edibles selection Handicap accessible? no. Read our full review of Altitude Wellness Center. More >>

  • AMA Denver (Advanced Medical Alternatives)

    AMA Denver (Advanced Medical Alternatives)

    1269 Elati St. Denver, CO 80204
    303-993-4547 Up the street from a police station and right behind the Department of Homeland Security, AMA is not ashamed of its business. The dispensary took a pretty nondescript old brick building literally a stone's throw from the law and painted a massive green graffiti-­art rendition of its name on the side of it. The shop has been opened up to create one big space that still manages to feel somewhat cozy. AMA has a well­-worn feel to it; there's no decoration to speak of, save for a few couches and a flat­-screen with a vintage Atari machine below it, begging to be played. The bud bar has pot-­product posters hanging on the walls, practically an entire corner devoted to edibles, and a bookcase full of vintage bobblehead dolls. The shop isn't dirty or dingy, just thrown together with the flair of a straight, blue-­collar single dude. AMA carries a wide range of concentrates to match its herb selection, including kief, strain­specific bubble hash and BHO. Read our full dispensary review of Advanced Medical Alternatives (AMA Denver). More >>

  • American Wellness Center

    329 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • Amerigreen

    907 E. Fillmore St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • The Annie

    The Annie's

    135 Nevada St. Central City, CO 80427
    303-582-5171 Read a full article about Annie's. More >>

  • Artisanal Medicinals

    Artisanal Medicinals

    2042 S. Bannock St. Denver, CO 80223
    720-583-1358 Read our full dispensary review of Artisanal Medicinals. More >>

  • Aspen Roaring Fork Wellness

    24505 Hwy. 82 Aspen, CO 81621

  • At Home Remedies

    At Home Remedies

    4735 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80212
    303-455-0079 Read our full dispensary review of At Home Remedies. More >>