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Tea Pot Lounge

Tea Pot Lounge

I looked at about a dozen different flowers, including a beautifully frosty and sweet Black Ice OG, some decent Super Silver Haze and the same Super Silver Haze/OG cross dubbed Kizzle that the Cannasseur developed.


Some cuts looked better than others, like the NYC Diesel and the Berry Skunk, but most looked well-dried and cured -- healthy buds from a medium-sized warehouse.
Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives also had two special strains, Blacktooth Grin and Lavender, at $15 per gram all the way up. I got a good look at both, and neither seemed to be of any better quality than the rest of the items on the shelf.

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  • LivWell


    432 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80209
    720-428-2550 LivWell is one of the larger dispensary chains, with seven affiliated dispensaries scattered from Colorado Springs all the way up to Boulder. The Broadway shop has been combined with the old Broadway Wellness and is clean and upscale, with wide-­plank hardwood floors and tan walls uncluttered by posters or product advertisements. The wood floors and high ceilings inside the old building give it an empty feeling at first, but the sunshine pouring in from the front windows and mellow electronic music bring it to life. The bud bar features the same rehabbed-­industrial feel of the front room, but with a massive exposed brick wall. Framed pictures hang on the opposite wall, but otherwise the space is left empty, and the bud ­­ stacked along the bottom shelf of three glass cabinets ­­is the main focus. It's broken down into three price ranges: green, gold and platinum, with the herb on the platinum shelf being hand-­selected and hand-­trimmed. More >>

  • LivWell

    2647 8th Ave. Garden City, CO 80631

  • LivWell

    2193 W. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80223

  • LivWell

    570 N. Murray Colorado Springs, CO 80915

  • Local Product of Colorado

    Local Product of Colorado

    419 W. 13th Ave. Denver, CO 80204
    303-736-6850 Opened: September 2009 Raw marijuana price range: $40-$55 Other types of medicine: Oil, kief, hash, edibles, wax, tincture, clones. Handicap accessible?: Yes. Read our full review of Local Product of Colorado. More >>

  • Lodo Wellness Center

    Lodo Wellness Center

    1617 Wazee St. Denver, CO 80202
    303-534-5020 The dispensary is down a steep flight of stairs from the sidewalk to the basement of the building. It takes up the entire floor, tucking patient lounges in between massive structural columns and pushing couches up against the massive painted bricks used for the foundation of the former paper mill. The shop has gone for an Eastern Buddhist/Zen theme with low painted chairs, squatting Buddha statues and colorful framed posters with vaguely Hindu symbols. There is also a huge, seven-foot-tall antique-looking ceramic vase painted with what looked like a life-sized crane. What the smooth, peaceful vibe of the decor fails to do is mask the immense size of everything. In a way, it feels like a marijuana dispensary pop-up shop had taken over a South Broadway antique store specializing in Asian crafts. As in the rest of the basement, huge foundation beams separate out some of the wall space and room in the bud bar. And the bud bar itself is set up on a set of antique, heavy wooden dining tables. Everything LoDo Wellness produces is grown in a coco/soil mix according to the 'tender, and most strains are from the center's garden. Indica-dominant strains are kept on the left, while sativas are on the right of the small tiered display. A Plexiglas case for hash is placed in the middle of the table and separated the two stacks of herb. Read our full dispensary review of Lodo Wellness Center. More >>

  • Lotus Medical

    1125 S. Inca St. Denver, CO 80223

    Coming soon. More >>

  • Lotus Medical

    3107 28th St. Boulder, CO 80301

  • Lotus Medical - Denver

    Lotus Medical - Denver

    1444 Wazee St. Ste. Denver, CO 80202
    720-974-3109 Lotus Medical feels like an upscale oasis geared toward the older crowd, with a setup not unlike that of a Cherry Hills rec room: Lots of couches and chairs to recline on while viewing ESPN on the high­-def TV hung on one of the exposed­-brick walls. There are also books on cannabis as well as other topics on the bookshelves. Lotus is offering a lifestyle here --­­ and back in 2009, when the shop first opened, it was operated as a medical cannabis lounge that allowed cannabis consumption on site. But that isn't the case anymore, and what was geared toward inviting visitors to hang out now seems like a lot of decoration for people who walk in, buy their meds and leave. The bud bar is at the rear of the shop, with a simple display in glass countertops and a zen-­like emptiness to the gray walls compared with the rest of the cozy shop. A fridge in one corner holds the drinks and cold edibles and Lotus's shatter oil. Read our full dispensary review of Lotus Medical. More >>

  • Lush

    2490 W. 2nd Ave. Denver, CO 80223
    303-880-1554 Read our full dispensary review of Lush. More >>

  • Lyons Finest 2

    Lyons Finest 2

    11080 E. 47th Ave. Denver, CO 80239

    Read our full dispensary review of Lyons Finest 2. More >>

  • Lyons Finest Confidential Care

    4071 Ute Highway Lyons, CO 80503

  • Maggie's Farm

    74 N. Component Dr. Pueblo, CO 80107

  • Maggie's Farm

    1424 S. Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80905

  • Maggie's Farm

    3055 U.S. Highway 50 Cañon City, CO 81212

  • Maggie's Farm

    818 E. Fillmore St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • Marimeds

    222 E. Morena Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

  • Marisol Therapeutics

    Marisol Therapeutics

    922 E. Kimble Dr. Pueblo, CO 81007

  • MariTrust


    4662 Glencoe St. Denver, CO 80216
    303-321-3555 Owner: Ryan Gilbert Raw marijuana price range: $42 an eighth for nonmembers, $200 ounces. Other types of medicine: hash, BHO, scarce edibles. Handicap accessible? Yes Read our full review of MariTrust. More >>

  • Mary's

    200 S. Sharp Ave. Oak Creek, CO 80467

  • MBS Wellness Clinic

    MBS Wellness Clinic

    6745 W. Mississippi Ave. Lakewood, CO 80226

  • MBS Wellness Clinic

    1181 County Road 308 Dumont, CO 80436

  • MC Caregivers

    6020 Erin Park Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  • Medibis

    3701 N. Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • Medical Horticultural Services

    789 Tech Center Dr. Durango, CO 81301

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