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Tea Pot Lounge

Tea Pot Lounge

I looked at about a dozen different flowers, including a beautifully frosty and sweet Black Ice OG, some decent Super Silver Haze and the same Super Silver Haze/OG cross dubbed Kizzle that the Cannasseur developed.


Some cuts looked better than others, like the NYC Diesel and the Berry Skunk, but most looked well-dried and cured -- healthy buds from a medium-sized warehouse.
Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives also had two special strains, Blacktooth Grin and Lavender, at $15 per gram all the way up. I got a good look at both, and neither seemed to be of any better quality than the rest of the items on the shelf.

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  • Botica Del Sol

    754 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80209

  • Boulder Botanics

    Boulder Botanics

    1750 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301
    720-379-6046 The buds at Boulder Botanics make the hassles of Front Range travel all worthwhile. The shop is tucked into a 1950s­-era (and appropriately green-painted) strip center that has been nearly eaten up by the Best Buy and mega­-mall across the street. Blink, and you'll miss the driveway turnoff on 30th and have to circle the block and get filtered back into bumper-­to-­bumper traffic. (We've learned that lesson so you don't have to, friends.) The outside of Boulder Botanics might look dated -- kinda like a 1950s Buick ­--­ but the inside offers a clean, modern retail space. Couches and an unused patient lounge take up most of the room, and live plants (not of the cannabis variety) take up corners here and there next to works by local artists. Based on the quality of the herb that Boulder Botanics carries for its medical patients, recreational patients should be pleased with what the shop has to offer, as well. Read our full dispensary review of Boulder Botanics. More >>

  • Boulder Marijuana Company

    2111 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301

  • Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    2111 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301

  • Boulder MMJ

    Boulder MMJ

    1909 Broadway Boulder, CO 80302
    303-862-4064 Read our full dispensary review of MMJ America. More >>

  • Boulder Wellness

    5420 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO 80301
    303-442-2565 Read our full dispensary review for Boulder Wellness. More >>

  • Breckenridge Cannabis Club

    Breckenridge Cannabis Club

    226 S. Main St. Breckenridge, CO 80424

  • Briargate Wellness Center

    890 Dublin Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  • Buddies Wellness

    1270 W. Cedar Ave. Denver, CO 80223

  • Buddy Boy

    Buddy Boy

    777 Umatilla St. Denver, CO 80204

  • Buddy Boy

    468 S. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80219

  • Buddy Boy

    155 N. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80219

  • Buddy Boy

    4012 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80212
    720-328-9971 Read our full dispensary review of Buddy Boy Brands. More >>

  • Buddy Boy

    5115 N. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80221 Coming soon. More >>

  • Buddy Boy

    120 S. Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80223

  • Buddy Boy

    3814 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205

  • Buddy Boy

    5050 York St. Denver, CO 80216

  • The Canary's Song

    1 W. 1st St. Nederland, CO 80466

  • Canna Care Givers

    3220 N. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80917

  • The Canna Center

    2306 N. Powers Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80915

  • Canna Meds Wellness Center

    506 N. Chelton Road Colorado Springs, CO 80909

  • Cannabicare

    1466 Woolsey Heights Colorado Springs, CO 80915

  • Cannabis for Health

    285 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO 80209

  • Cannabis Station

    Cannabis Station

    1201 20th St. Denver, CO 80205
    303-297-9333 Cannabis Station took over an old automobile service station and has consciously held onto its past. For example, the old sign out front that once displayed prices for gallons of diesel now shows prices for ounces of Sour Diesel, and an artist has incorporated a few red Mobil Pegasus icons. The waiting room has a '70s vibe, and the shop offers vintage­-style clothing, collectibles and housewares as well as herb, edibles, pipes and papers. For the most part, it feels like a lounge or hangout space for a bunch of gear-head stoners. Overall, it has the makings of a really cool cannabis shop: a great downtown location, solid pricing and a fun atmosphere. More >>

  • CannaMart


    3700 W. Quincy Ave. Denver, CO 80236
    303-734-0420 Cannamart doesn't seem to be offering quite the variety of strains it did during its medical-­only days, but that just means that instead of forty-­plus options on the shelves, you're looking at approximately two dozen –- still not too shabby. There's still a solid mix of heady top­-shelf nugs, plus some lower-­grade selections that aren't quite as crystal-­laden; you'll also find edibles, vaporizers and refills, tinctures and more. Located at the corner of Quincy Avenue and Lowell Boulevard, it's in a strip mall that doesn't see a whole lot of action apart from pot-­seekers pulling into and out of the parking lot all day long. A sparse waiting room includes a television for anyone who simply must catch the last few minutes of the game before heading into the dispensary proper, and the staff is friendly and happy to help novices and veterans alike with cannabis selections. The specials on shatter and other extracts are particularly noteworthy. More >>

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