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Tea Pot Lounge

Tea Pot Lounge

I looked at about a dozen different flowers, including a beautifully frosty and sweet Black Ice OG, some decent Super Silver Haze and the same Super Silver Haze/OG cross dubbed Kizzle that the Cannasseur developed.


Some cuts looked better than others, like the NYC Diesel and the Berry Skunk, but most looked well-dried and cured -- healthy buds from a medium-sized warehouse.
Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives also had two special strains, Blacktooth Grin and Lavender, at $15 per gram all the way up. I got a good look at both, and neither seemed to be of any better quality than the rest of the items on the shelf.

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  • 420 Wellness

    543 Bryant St. Denver, CO 80204

  • All Greens

    762 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204
    303-912-2013 Online menu: Yes. Other types of medicine: Hash, edibles. Handicap accessible? Yes. More >>

  • Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill

    Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill

    1301 Marion St. Denver, CO 80218
    720-961-0560 Owner/manager: Did not reach an owner. Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Online menu: Yes. Other types of medicine: Hash, BHO, edibles, tincture. Handicap accessible? Yes. More >>

  • AMA Denver

    AMA Denver

    1269 Elati St. Denver, CO 80204
    303-993-4547 Online menu: No. Other types of medicine: In-house bubble hash, BHO, vendor edibles. Handicap accessible? No visible ramps. More >>

  • Caregivers for Life of Cherry Creek

    Caregivers for Life of Cherry Creek

    310 St. Paul St. Denver, CO 80206
    720-536-5462 Owner: Withheld Owner's statement: "We want to be able to help patients medicate affordably." Opened: December 2009 Raw marijuana price range: $30-$35 discount eighths (tax included) and $40-$55 regular-priced eighths (before tax) Other types of medicine: Edibles, hash, kief and oils. Handicap accessible? Yes. More >>

  • The Clinic

    The Clinic

    745 E. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80203

  • A Cut Off the Top

    A Cut Off the Top

    2059 W. 9th Ave. Denver, CO 80204

  • Denver Relief

    Denver Relief

    1 Broadway Denver, CO 80203
    303-420-6337 Owner: Ean Seeb Owner's statement: "Denver Relief has one goal, and that is to provide safe and readily available medicines and other wellness services to state of Colorado registered Medical Marijuana Patients." Opened: May 25th, 2009 Raw marijuana price range: $30-$50 eighths. Member prices capped at $40/eighth. Other types of medicine: Edibles, drinks, concentrates, tinctures and topicals.
 Patient services and amenities: Wellness services in upstairs facility. Handicap Access: Yes. Parking: Yes, reserved for patients in lot. More >>

  • Frosted Leaf

    445 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80204

  • Good Chemistry

    Good Chemistry

    330 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80203
    720-524-4657 Owner/Manager: Matt Huron Opened: June 2010 Raw marijuana price range: $8 per gram, $25 an eighth. Other types of medicine: Hash, a few edibles. Handicap accessible? Yes. More >>

  • Green Cross of Cherry Creek

    3400 S. Oneida Way Denver, CO 80206

  • Green Man Cannabis

    Green Man Cannabis

    1355 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO 80204

  • Greenman

    1355 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204

  • Groundswell


    3121 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80206


  • The Haven

    777 Canosa Ct. Denver, CO 80204
    303-534-2600 The Haven is one of three Strainwise dispensaries currently selling retail marijuana. Conveniently located near the Sun Valley Light Rail stop, the Grove carries a range of strains; you can also get smoking accessories, edibles and merchandise, and the friendly staff is more than happy to walk you through the assorted options. More >>

  • The Health Center Uptown

    The Health Center Uptown

    1736 Downing St. Denver, CO 80218

    The Health Center is a tiny center in a tiny house on a tiny block in the Uptown neighborhood. What isn't little, though, was the selection of unique strains more than worth taking home. The little Victorian home-turned-MMC is hard to miss, since it stands alone on a block with an empty lot next to it. Inside, what was either a mud room or the kitchen has been turned into the small patient intake area. There's really not much to the space other than the purple walls and window into the receptionist area, but take a second to check out the old pictures of the building hanging in a frame on the wall near the door. At one time, it looked more like a crack house than the oversized dollhouse it resembles today. The inside of the house is as small as you would expect it to be -- probably not more than 900 square feet in total. But it's a very swank 900 square feet. Dark wood floors contrast well with the stark-white window trim and baseboards, as well as the Colorado flag-blue paint on the walls, while the huge (for the building) windows let in loads of natural light. The shop is also decorated well and avoids any claustrophobic cluttering by keeping the antique furniture and decorations minimal, simple and (appropriately) small. Very clean and professional. The seating area for the patient waiting room is built into the large bay-window kitchen, with a small coffee table stacked with magazines as well as a book containing information on the strains the center carries, plus a price breakdown for members and non-members. More >>

  • Herban Medicinals

    Herban Medicinals

    70 Broadway, Ste. 50 (downstairs) Denver, CO 80203

  • Herbs4You


    20 E. 9th Ave. Denver, CO 80203

  • High Level Health

    2028 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80206

  • High Level Health

    970 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203

  • High Level Health

    970 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203

  • IVita Wellness

    IVita Wellness

    1660 Pearl St. Denver, CO 80203
    303-952-9150 Owner/manager: Diann Jackson Opened: November 2010; new ownership took over July 2011. Raw marijuana prices: $25/eighth bottom shelf, $45/top shelf. Members receive 20 percent discount Other types of medicine: Edibles, waxes. Handicap accessible? Yes. Read our full review of iVita Wellness. More >>

  • La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary

    105 E. 7th Ave. Denver, CO 80203

  • Local Product of Colorado

    419 W. 13th Ave. Denver, CO 80204
    303-736-6850 Owner/manager: Jason Katz Opened: September 2009 Raw marijuana price range: $40-$55 Other types of medicine: Oil, kief, hash, edibles, wax, tincture, clones. Handicap accessible?: Yes. Read our full review of Local Product of Colorado. More >>

  • Mile High Green Cross

    Mile High Green Cross

    852 N. Broadway Denver, CO 80203
    303-861-4252 Owners: Leif Wagner, Adam Ziegler, Corey Buffkin Hours of operation: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. Raw marijuana price range: $25, $36 and $46 eighths. Also sold by the gram. Other types of meds: Limited edibles, tinctures, small selection of hash. Handicap accessible? No. Read our full review of Mile High Green Cross. More >>

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