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Tea Pot Lounge

Tea Pot Lounge

I looked at about a dozen different flowers, including a beautifully frosty and sweet Black Ice OG, some decent Super Silver Haze and the same Super Silver Haze/OG cross dubbed Kizzle that the Cannasseur developed.


Some cuts looked better than others, like the NYC Diesel and the Berry Skunk, but most looked well-dried and cured -- healthy buds from a medium-sized warehouse.
Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives

Top Shelf Alternatives also had two special strains, Blacktooth Grin and Lavender, at $15 per gram all the way up. I got a good look at both, and neither seemed to be of any better quality than the rest of the items on the shelf.

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  • Altitude the Dispensary East

    Altitude the Dispensary East

    6858 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80224
    303-756-8888 The buds at the east location of Altitude live up to the dispensary's name. This is a marijuana outlet that focuses on quality ­­ which means that the prices are often a little steeper than what you might find elsewhere on the market. To help soothe the pain point of the price tag, Altitude offers happy hours for both medical and recreational customers. There are typically more than a dozen strains on the shelves at any given time, plus Altitude also sells bags of top-­shelf shake for reasonable prices if you'd rather roll your own cone joints than purchase them. The dispensary also sells oil cartridges, topical creams and salves, drinks, edibles and extracts, to name just a few, plus pretty much everything you could possibly need to consume any/all of the above. The budtenders are friendly and helpful; in fact, the atmosphere that Altitude consciously cultivates brings back customers all by itself ­­-- even if they can get pot elsewhere for cheaper. More >>

  • Altitude Wellness Center

    Altitude Wellness Center

    3435 S. Yosemite St. Denver, CO 80231
    303-751-7888 Owner: Chris Jetter Opened: September 2009 Raw marijuana price range: $35 an eighth Other types of medicine: large hash selection, large edibles selection Handicap accessible? no. Read our full review of Altitude Wellness Center. More >>

  • The Clinic Colorado

    The Clinic Colorado

    3888 E. Mexico Ave. Denver, CO 80222
    303-758-9114 The Clinic has won more than twenty awards for its cannabis, concentrates and charitable contributions. The space even feels somewhat homey ­--­ though not in that weird, "What am I doing in this person's home?" kind of way. Of its several Denver­-area outposts, the Mexico Avenue location was the first Clinic to cater to recreational clients. Price breakdowns are available for the ganja; a smaller board lists prices for hash and kief. The bud case holds about twenty strains of herb separated into sativa and indica types, as well as a handful of strains of hash and hash oil; a smaller shelf up top has the dispensary picks, including some Ice Princess and that Sour D. Since the genesis of medical marijuana in Denver, the Clinic has been one of the go­-to spots for high quality and knowledgeable budtenders; there are very few dispensaries that measure up to the selection and quality available here. The prices reflect that bump in quality, but customers seeking the headiest nugs won't complain, because they'll get what they pay for. More >>

  • Cure Colorado

    Cure Colorado

    6200 E. Yale Ave. Denver, CO 80222
    720-296-2857 Read our full dispensary review of Cure Colorado. More >>

  • Green Cross Caregivers

    Green Cross Caregivers

    1842 S. Parker Road Denver, CO 80231

  • Green Leaf

    Green Leaf

    2280 S. Quebec St. Denver, CO 80231
    303-990-9333 Read our full dispensary review of Green Leaf. More >>

  • Green Man Cannabis

    Green Man Cannabis

    7289 E. Hampden Ave. Denver, CO 80224

  • Green Street

    Green Street

    2291 S. Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80237

  • The Health Center University Hills

    The Health Center University Hills

    2777 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222
    303-758-9997 The Health Center's two recreational and medical marijuana locations couldn't be more drastically different in form, with the Uptown branch giving off a quaint, cozy, neighborhood vibe and the University Hills outlet coming off as much more straightforward and businesslike. But what unites them is what matters most: quality cannabis and low prices worth making the dispensaries your primary centers for. The University Hills shop takes up the bottom floor of a two-­story building far to the south down Colorado Boulevard, with a few spots out front for parking and more in the back after squeezing through a narrow alleyway. There are signs everywhere warning people against parking next door at Junkman, which is apparently fond of towing cars. A few pot­-centric magazines adorn the simple, clean and coffee­-stocked waiting room. The first little room is set up as a plant nursery, albeit a fancy one, with stylish wood floors, steel­-and-­frosted-­glass counters and light boxes. The bud bar is in a similarly small room, with glass display cabinets separating the budtenders from the patients. Like THC's Uptown shop, bud is broken into two price tiers based not so much on quality as on quantity. There are also a few discount strains going for less. And the concentrates are definitely worth checking out: The Health Center won the 2014 710 Cup. Read our full dispensary review of the Health Center University Hills. More >>

  • Kind Love

    3425 S. Oleander Ct. Denver, CO 80224

    Coming soon. More >>

  • Medicinal Oasis

    Medicinal Oasis

    6359 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80222
    303-756-1494 Anything beach­-themed in a landlocked state tends to feel campy and corny. And so it is with the tropical­-themed Medicinal Oasis, with its Jimmy­-Buffett­-yacht­-club decor. But the buds here might very well have you sailing these green seas again, especially if you're an Aurora resident for whom the location is convenient. In the corners of the waiting room, you'll find tiny models of boats, but the nautical theme ships out once you enter the bud room. And once you take a sniff of some of the product on offer at Medicinal Oasis, nothing short of a boat hull jetting into the room will grab your attention. There are two different tiers of herb here: regular and connoisseur­-grade. But within those tiers, the shop has also divided up the harvest of each strain into higher­-quality top buds ("only taken from the top six inches of the plant," according to budtenders) and lower-quality bottom buds. There are also concentrates available, including indica­-specific, sativa-specific and hybrid bubble hash. Read our full dispensary review of Medicinal Oasis. More >>

  • Medicine Man Medical Market

    Medicine Man Medical Market

    4966 Leetsdale Dr. Glendale, CO 80246

  • Mile High Wellness

    Mile High Wellness

    3615 S. Tamarac St. Denver, CO 80237

  • Mr. Nice Guys

    Mr. Nice Guys

    2000 S. Dahlia St. Denver, CO 80222

  • Natures Best Alternative Medicine

    Natures Best Alternative Medicine

    4601 E. Mississippi Ave. Glendale, CO 80246
    303-386-3185 Read our full review of Nature's Best Alternative Medicine. More >>

  • Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness

    Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness

    1569 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222
    303-867-4768 Read our full dispensary review of Preferred Organic Therapy. More >>

  • The Retreat

    The Retreat

    2420 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222
    720-974-9327 Read our full dispensary review of the Retreat. More >>

  • Sacred Seed

    Sacred Seed

    5885 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80222
    303-756-3762 Evans Avenue isn't quite on Broadsterdam's level yet in terms of quantity, but shops like Sacred Seed raise the quality bar for Denver's dispensaries. The Buddha­-themed waiting room is very spacious, which is needed for the after-­work rush during the week. A great assortment of magazines and coffee-­table books are available to pass the time. Sacred Seed has multiple budtenders available for both recreational customers and medical patients. Even with a crowded house, the budtenders don't rush you through and are happy to show you herb from each of Sacred Seed's three tiers of strains. Sacred Seed usually has around thirty strains available and a competitive assortment of edibles, concentrates and smoking accessories. Read our full dispensary review of Sacred Seed (formerly known as the Wellness Shop). More >>

  • Satica MMC

    Satica MMC

    3480 S. Galena St. Denver, CO 80231
    303-745-2873 Read our full dispensary review for Satica. More >>

  • Sweet Leaf

    4400 Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80222

  • Tetra Hydro Center

    Tetra Hydro Center

    9206 E. Hampden Ave. Denver, CO 80237
    303-221-0331 Situated in the same shopping complex as a massive furniture store, a Wells Fargo bank and a Village Inn, Tetra Hydro does a great job of making you feel like you're in a classy and discreet dispensary. The waiting room is large and comfortable, with ESPN projected on the wall and an impressive spread of magazines. There are usually three budtenders available for retail and one for medical patients, with separate rooms for each bud bar. Tetra Hydro has a bakery­-style display case to keep edibles fresh and an array of locally made glassware in the back that includes a better selection than some head shops. There are typically eighteen to twenty strains available for retail customers and around ten for medical patients. Tetra Hydro accepts cash and debit cards and offers sporadic deals, too. Read our full dispensary review of Tetra Hydro Center. More >>

  • Vita Meds

    2000 S. Dahlia St. Denver, CO 80222

    By appointment only. More >>

  • Wellness Center of Denver

    Wellness Center of Denver

    330 S. Dayton St. Denver, CO 80247
    303-856-7798 Situated close to Aurora, Wellness Center of Denver does a good job of making both yuppies and hipsters feel at home. The waiting room is spacious and decorated with furniture you'd find in a suburban home, but unless the place is packed, you won't spend much time in there. Wellness Center of Denver's employees say the building used to be a bank, and the bud bar doesn't deviate from its history. Each budtender operates in a closed booth with a curtain to close if you want to feel like you're voting and buying weed at the same time. Wellness Center typically has between ten and fifteen strains for medical and recreational, with a decent selection of edibles and concentrates, and the shop accepts both credit and debit cards. Read our full dispensary review of Wellness Center of Denver. More >>

  • Wellness Center of the Rockies

    6853 Leetsdale Dr. Denver, CO 80224