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  • The Ant House

    4248 Fillmore St. Denver, CO 80216

  • Aqualung's Community Music Space

    4315 Delaware St. Denver, CO 80216

  • Brewski

    Brewski's Pub & Grill

    2100 E. 104th Ave. Denver, CO 80233
    720-929-1400 In addition to running a string of bars and clubs since the 1960s, Chuck Persichetti owned Brewski's, at Highway 36 and Pecos, for a decade. Nearly ten years after selling the place (which is now Buckin' Harley's), he resurrected the Brewski's name and opened an updated version of his old spot in Thornton, at the former home of Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant. While the current incarnation is a bit smaller than the old one, Persichetti likes it that way, as he wanted the space to feel more cozy and intimate. Brewski's usually hosts live bands Thursday through Saturday nights, and the menu is made up of standard bar fare, including a variety of appetizers and sandwiches, pizza and burgers. More >>

  • Coco Breeze

    539 W. 43rd Ave. Denver, CO 80216

  • Denver Coliseum

    Denver Coliseum

    4600 Humboldt St. Denver, CO 80216

  • El Centro Su Teatro

    4725 High St. Denver, CO 80216

  • Glob

    3551 Brighton Blvd. Denver, CO 80216

  • Grandpa's Music Box

    8242 Pecos St. Denver, CO 80221

  • Grizzly Rose

    Grizzly Rose

    5450 N. Valley Highway Denver, CO 80216
    303-295-1330 Country music will never die in Denver as long as the Grizzly Rose remains. Live music six nights a week, concerts by Nashville nationals, free dance lessons on Wednesdays and lots of space on the hardwood floor for honky tonkin' were among the attributes cited by the Country Music Association, which chose the Rose as one of the top clubs in the nation; regulars choose it because it's a local institution. More >>

  • Pluggden

    4256 Elati St. Denver, CO 80216

  • Rhinoceropolis

    3553 Brighton Blvd. Denver, CO 80216 Rhinoceropolis has it all -- even if some of that is do-it-yourself. The venue is part show space, part home, and all living homage to every underground hangout in American teenage music history. There's no sign on the building, never any set cover charge for any show, and no question that whether Nu Sensae, Monotonix or SSION is coming through, there's a party to be had. The space is always all-ages, and open to virtually any kind of music. The best best way to book a show at Rhinoceropolis? Go to shows there. The venue is the not-for-profit heart of a creative community that exists on the bands, DJs, artists and people who get involved. More >>

  • Roll-O-Rama

    8370 Welby Road Denver, CO 80229

  • Thornton Arts and Culture Center

    9209 Dorothy Blvd. Thornton, CO 80229