A Craftsy Story: Rules of the Rewrite Rewritten

You know how every single blog post & digital advice column tells you not to do a big rewrite? How all of the advice out there tells you to only bite off what you can chew and simply build something small and incremental? Well, the team at Craftsy did the exact opposite. Craftsy, like many startups, began with a small, agile platform. As they grew into a global platform with 12 million+ users, their technology started to hold them back instead of propelling them forward. The monolith code base they built had become nearly unsupportable to update and release. Craftsy’s technical debt was weighing down development cycles, their incident response was tanking, and their users started to emotionally pull away from the platform. While conventional wisdom said to rewrite one section of their code base at a time, the team at Craftsy knew that they had to go against the grain and undertake one, massive rewrite. Their team worked on the project for an entire year and is now reaping the rewards. Join us on Tuesday, August 22nd as we learn from the Craftsy team about their rewrite. Specifically, we will talk through: Business case for the rewrite Technical considerations Team structure & roles during the project Project outcomes Lessons learned If you are curious about how a major rewrite looks, or just want to hear from a team able to stick to its gut despite outside advice, the organizers want to see you on August, 22nd. Join GA Denver to unpack this incredible story! [Organizer's description]


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