Advanced No Till Cannabis Cultivation: Bio Stimulants


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Culture Garden Market
3833 Steele St Unit B
Denver, CO  80205
"Feeding The Soil, NOT The Plant" Expensive nutrients are only effective if the plant can assimilate them! Cannabis grown with microbes instead of synthetics (salts) allow for the plant to take charge! We give the power back to the plant and allow her to decide what exudates she wants to produce! With thoughtful selection of cannabis genetics we are able to grow with a full genetic profile using organic bio-stimulants as our focus. Base nutrients provide all of the essential elements that plants need, but organic bio-stimulants help with the uptake of nutrients. This class will teach you how to use organic bio-stimulants to improve the nutritional and medicinal value of plants, while increasing the plant's natural resistance to stress, pests and disease. High Brix cannabis grown in a living soil will greatly minimize pest problems! Even advanced soil growers will benefit from learning what bio-stimulants create within a Indoor living soil system. I will guide each student with an in-depth view of what it takes to create a living and thriving Soil FoodWeb system! #GrowLikeAPro This Advanced Bio Stimulants Class Highlights: What Are Organic Bio-Stimulants & Why Are They So Important? What is the Soil FoodWeb & How Does It Function Properly? What Brix Percentage Is Needed To Keep Sucking Insects Away From Your Plants? Why Should Calcium Be Considered The KING Macronutrient? How Do We Improve Cannabis Calcium Assimilation? Why Is High Pectin So Important For Elite Cannabis? What Methods Have Dutch Growers Mastered When Preventing Powdery Mildew? Why Foliar Feeding Your Cannabis Plants Is A Game Changer For Indoor Farmers? What Exactly Do Beneficial Bugs Do For Our Cannabis Plants? [Organizer's description]
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