Alwyn Robinson of Leftover Salmon & Jacob Jolliff

Alwyn Robinson of Leftover Salmon & Jacob Jolliff

Sam Berenson

Location Info:

The Caribou Room
55 Indian Peaks Dr.
Nederland, CO  80466
Alwyn Robinson has been performing music since the tender age of three under the watchful eye of both his father and his two older brothers. The Texan spent his college years at Texas Tech University and CU Boulder studying classical percussion as well as marching percussion and has been playing in local bands since he was 14-years-old. He currently plays with Leftover Salmon.

Jacob Jolliff has been playing the mandolin since he was seven years old. Growing up in a musical family, he got his start taking lessons from his dad, Bill, a well-known Oregon banjo player. By the time Jacob turned 11, the two were gigging heavily together, and their band was a mainstay at bluegrass festivals around the Northwest. He currently plays with YMSB.

At a time in music where history and originality never seem to go hand in hand, Gabriel Mervine takes steps every time he picks up his trumpet to bring these two closer together. With a musical upbringing, Gabriel has deeply rooted himself in the traditions of Jazz and Classical music while at the same time contributing to the modern music scene. He wishes to leave no stone unturned and no genre unexplored because, in his mind, all music has the power to make the artist who he/she is. He currently plays with The Motet. [Organizer's description]

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