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Macky Auditorium Concert Hall
1595 Pleasant St.
Boulder, CO  80309
You would think that with nearly seven decades on the planet and seventeen albums in her arsenal, Bonnie Raitt might consider slowing down. But to hell with that idea. Raitt has always successfully blurred the lines between blues, country, rock and folk, so much so that her own fans struggle to define her. But that ability to pull listeners from all corners is one of her greatest skills. In this current political and social climate, Raitt’s tales of strength, plus her actual political activism, are more important than ever. Last year’s Dig in Deep is further proof that she’s a long way from slowing down; the album, which rose to number eleven on the Billboard 200, is still generating positive reviews. Frankly, the world still needs Bonnie Raitt, and the fact that she’s performing at the University of Colorado Boulder suggests that young people want to hear what she has to say.
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