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Fox Theatre
1135 13th St.
Boulder, CO  80302
There’s a certain narrative that has followed Cherry Glazerr’s Clementine Creevy around since the project’s beginnings. It goes something like this: Creevy started the project alone in her L.A. bedroom while still in high school, released her debut album on Burger Records and became the hero of teen punks everywhere and a muse to Hedi Slimane, all while burning through bandmates and being, well, a teenage girl. It’s time to put that narrative to bed. The now-twenty-year-old Creevy is no longer the garage-rock version of Lorde circa 2013; she’s much, much more than how young she is (or used to be), and focusing on her age does a grand disservice to her sharp punk songwriting and ferocious lead-guitar chops. She’s only getting better — and more nuanced, too. Creevy’s most recent album, Apocalipstick, sees her sharpening her teeth while tackling vulnerability, isolation and the pitfalls of instant gratification. If you must focus on her age, focus on how she’s a songwriter and lyricist well beyond her years.
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