Common Ground: Photographs by Fazal Sheikh, 1989-2013

Common Ground: Photographs by Fazal Sheikh, 1989-2013

Fazal Sheikh, Abshiro Aden Mohammed, Women's Leader, Somali Refugee Camp, Dagahaley, Kenya, 2000, from the series A Camel for the Son. © Fazal Sheikh


Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through Nov. 12 2017
This exhibition is included in general admission, free for youth 18 and under

Location Info:

Denver Art Museum
100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway
Denver, CO  80204
Human-rights documentarian Fazal Sheikh, who’s been photographing the plight of disenfranchised refugees, the marginalized, the religious and ethnic outcasts and the homeless in every corner of the earth for more than twenty years, gets his first major U.S. show this summer at the Denver Art Museum, 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway. Common Ground: Photographs by Fazal Sheikh, 1989-2013, a timely new exhibit opening in the Hamilton Building's Gallagher Gallery, gets straight to the heart of global current events through a combination of realism and pathos. “His photographs put us eye to eye with individuals in ways that reveal our shared humanity rather than reinforcing symbols or stereotypes,” says DAM photography curator Eric Paddock. “His empathy and the straightforward elegance of his pictures give his work unique power and grace.” Common Ground, which opens Sunday, August 13, and runs through November 12, is included in the regular DAM gate admission; learn more about this event and other goings-on at the museum at
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