Drive-In: Personal Space

Drive-In: Personal Space


Location Info:

RiNo District
2700 Block of Larimer St.
Denver, CO  80205
Cortney Lane Stell, founder of Black Cube Nomadic Museum, doesn’t have much use for the four white walls of traditional gallery space, and for that reason, Black Cube has no physical home. But the museum’s rootless model also makes art more easy to access; Stell has curated shows in public parks, mall kiosks and excavation sites. And Black Cube's next exhibit, co-curated by Ruth Bruno of Colorado Creative Industries, takes the traveling metaphor a step further by placing it in a circle of cars. Drive-In: Personal Space will showcase a wide-ranging set of individual multimedia installations by thirteen artists, which include formal artworks, sculpture, performances, earth works and more, all set up in a RiNo construction staging lot on 26th Street between Lawrence and Arapahoe streets. “For some works you look at the car, for some you get into the car, and for one work you ride in the car,” notes Stell of the pop-up exhibit. “I hope people will get an expanded sense of what art can be — and where it can be. This allows the art to be more accessible yet simultaneously a little more wild. We’ll see. The jury’s still out.” Visit the free show from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, August 19; learn more at
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