EcoCreations 8

courtesy Arts Longmont


Past Event

Location Info:

WESTend art space at Arts Longmont Gallery
356 Main St
Longmont, Colorado  80501
While most people tread over pine cones and milkweek pods without a second glance and see only garbage when look discarded bicycle chains and plastic bags. At EcoCreations 8 however, over twenty-two different artists from around the world saw these disparate materials as the precisely the tools they need to create gardens, sculptures and even fashion. The current exhibition at Arts Longmont Gallery's WESTend art space, EcoCreations invites viewers to marvel at beautiful works of art while pondering their own wastefulness. Catch the first glimpse of the finished exhibit and mingle with the artists at EcoCreations 8's opening reception on Friday, July 14 at 6 p.m. or visit at your own leisure before it closes on August 26. Admission is free.
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