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While Denver enjoys a reputation as a tolerant and forward-thinking city, its dearth of LGBT-friendly spaces is striking, and the recent closures of such cherished haunts as Crown Social and the Denver Eagle can make it seem like the very people who once made this city so interesting are in danger of disappearing. Fortunately, Queer Invasion is here to fight for your right to party, with monthly pop-up gatherings for the LGBT community and allies in unlikely settings. At around 8 p.m. on Friday, September 22, Queer Invasion's Gay Guerilla Group will be invading the straight bars of LoDo, a neighborhood known for its historic architecture and insufferable throngs of bros. Though the invasions aren't intended as a protest, there's something quietly revolutionary about a queer crowd of revelers descending on straight bars and demonstrating how much livelier the city is for their presence. Visit the Facebook events page to learn more (specific locations will be announced in the days before the event) and to RSVP.


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