Haunted Harvest Dinner on a Farm

Haunted Harvest Dinner on a Farm

Unsplash-Public Domain

Location Info:

Mountair Community Farm
5620 W 14th Ave
Lakewood, Colorado  80214
Come dine on the food and lore associated with history’s darkest day. Experience a candlelit dinner served with a side of sinister stories on a hidden farm. Paraskevidekatriaphobia: that’s the word for fear of Friday the 13th. Legend has it a menacing medieval king ordered hundreds of Knights Templar burned alive on Friday, October 13, 1307. Forever after, popular culture memorialized this disturbing date. Join Mountair Park Community Farm to explore the intersections of dining and death with an evening guaranteed to enchant the senses. Over a multi-course, candle-lit meal prepared by Italian chefs, funeral myths and rituals from around the world will be unpacked. Each course will be served with a scintillating story. Throughout the evening you'll uncover culinary clues to a cryptic riddle you’ll be dying to solve! Adult beverages are included with ticket, must have a valid 21+ I.D. to enjoy. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the event begins for check in; meet Joseph in the lower triangle, just off the Mountair Park parking lot (signs will be posted, map linked below). Feel free to bring a notebook and camera - and anything else you might need to make the most of this exploration. Guests with allergies should exercise discretion. Meal may include meat products, gluten, etc. Extremely limited alternatives available. Email joseph.chehouri@atlasobscura.com with questions. Suitable for ages 13+. Advance tickets only. All sales final, no refunds or exchanges. Questions? Contact joseph.chehouri@atlasobscura.com. [Organizer's description]
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