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Parkside Mansion
1859 York St.
Denver, CO  80206
Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific serial killer in history, is inviting a select group of Coloradoans to a dinner party in Hell this Halloween. Guests at this exclusive gathering will watch her favorite homicidal maniacs tell their horrifying tales of sadism, sex, and murder. Lizzie Borden, Myra Hindley, Aileen Wuornos and Jodi Arias will regale audiences in word and song as guests enjoy food and libations. This production of Lady Killers features a cast and production team of women, led by Henry Award-winning designer Ren Manley who writes, directs and designs. This event is presented by Audacious Theatre, a new performance group that seeks to create innovative and immersive theatrical events that engage all the senses. [Organizer's description] Lady Killers will have a limited 4-night engagement at Parkside Mansion at 1859 York St. in Denver from Oct. 27 - 29 & Oct. 31 at 7:30p.m. Seating is limited with a small amount of presale tickets available starting at only $15. For tickets and more information, visit
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