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Space Theatre
14th and Curtis streets
Denver, CO  80204

Folks fascinated by the idea of fantasy meet-ups between famous people will love the premise of the Denver Center Theatre Company’s newest production, One Night in Miami, which speculates about what might happen during just such a sit-down with four very different black men: boxer Cassius Clay, activist Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke and football hero Jim Brown. What’s amazing about this gathering is that it actually happened — on the night in February 1964 that Clay knocked out Sonny Liston. But the play, by Kemp Powers, can only guess as to what the fly on the wall heard.

“We definitely know that whatever transpired in the room, the next day CC changes his name to Muhammad Ali and joins the Nation of Islam, which at the time is Public Enemy Number One,” notes director Carl Cofield. “The way I like to reference it is by saying that it’s like if LeBron James had just won the MVP for basketball and the next day announced he was going off to fight for Al-Qaeda. It was that sort of mind-bending, upending, sensational event.” Whatever happened during that meeting, it must have hit Clay like one of his own punches and sent him careening off with a new purpose in life.

Listen and come to your own conclusions as each historical figure speaks his mind in One Night in Miami, which opens tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Space Theatre in the Denver Performing Arts Complex; the run continues through April 19. Tickets start at $41 and are available at or by calling 303-893-4100.


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