Ratio Comedy: The Doom Room

Ratio Comedy: The Doom Room

C/o The Doom Room


Past Event

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Ratio Beerworks
2920 Larimer St.
Denver, CO  80205
Ratio Comedy staple The Doom Room calls upon comedians to be funny absent the safety net of their joke books and riff on a random assortment topics that pop up on the nearby screen of doom, all while being heckled by the Darth Vader-esque voice of doom (Lucha Libre & Laughs' Nick Gossert). It's a steep challenge, wherein some of the performers ride a wave of laughter from the beery crowd and others crumble by the second prompt. As a performer, the show is a nerve-wracking trial by fire, but for audiences who love a healthy dollop of schadenfreude with their jokes, there's no better show in town. Imported to Denver after originating in an Omaha dive bar, The Doom Room has cropped up in a number of different venues around town, everywhere from the Crossroads Theater to the basement under 3 Kings --remember when there were comedy shows there? This month's lineup features co-creator Ian Douglas Terry along with Nicholae Roscoe, Aaron Middleton, Josh Skillman, Gabby Gutierrez-Reed, Cory Helie and emcee Andrew Bueno. Admission is free, visit The Doom Room's Facebook events page to learn more.


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