Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema


Past Event

Location Info:

Irey Theatre
1104 S. Broadway St.
Boulder, CO  80305
One of the most unusual film festivals around, the University of Colorado's Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema will keep you on your toes from Friday, September 22, through Sunday, September 24. Dance devotees and curious neophytes will want to dance over to the Irey Theatre, 1595 Pleasant Street in Boulder, where two programs of short dance films, collectively titled [Un]W.R.A.P., will screen over the weekend; the subject matter covers everything from the recent presidential election and the legacy of slavery in the U.S. to a Finnish ice fisherman making a surprising discovery. Both programs are punctuated by a brief panel discussion as well as multimedia dance installations before the screenings and during intermission, and will repeat twice through the weekend. Tickets are just $16 and can be purchased at


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