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Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO  80202
Prepare to be propelled into the far reaches of the universe and pummeled by intense UV rays that threaten to crack your very bones and rewrite your DNA structure. No, you aren’t having a bad trip or taking a ride on Carl Sagan’s imagination spaceship. You’re listening to Starkill, America’s up-and-coming answer to death-metal powerhouses like Sweden’s Arch Enemy. The group manages to shred while still focusing heavily on melodic, intricate guitar tones. Sarah Lynn Collier’s harsh vocals cut through the noise to round out the experience, and haunting interludes followed by galloping breakdowns and aggressive riffs are common. The group is currently touring in support of its third album, Shadow of Sleep, released last year. If beautiful brutality is your thing, don’t miss Starkill at the Summit.
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