Storming the Beaches With Logos In Hand


Past Event
$7-$10 donations
As you might guess about musicians in a band dubbed Storming the Beach With Logos in Hand, Luke Carr and Caitlin Brothers have poetic aspirations. Their Santa Fe-based project is moody and literary, a heavy folk outfit with tight harmonies and driving drums. Carr and Brothers describe their act as a “world-building music project.” Like other Americana bands abandoning played-out themes like whiskey and love, Storming the Beaches has focused its efforts on telling epic stories. Its first album, Southwick Howls, is about the colonization of North America. The second, Bailiwick, Refused, which came out this year, is the tale of a woman’s personal journey through politics and political resistance toward freedom. Imagine Belle and Sebastian tackling sweeping narratives and having occasional bouts of calculated rage, and you might conjure something akin to Storming the Beaches, which will stop by Seventh Circle Music Collective as part of a larger DIY tour.
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