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You probably know that Denver’s population has increased rapidly over the past few years - by more than 93,000 since 2010, or a 15.5 percent increase to be exact - and this growth is symbolized by the more than 30 cranes dotting the city’s skyline (check out the DBJ’s crane watch map here). What does all this growth mean for our city and how we live? Different designers are likely to have different answers. Builders, architects, and city planners all play a part in how a city functions; UX Designers focus primarily on how people interact with products. While their day-to-day work may differ, the groups have a common goal of creating designs that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with. On Thursday, September 14th, you’re invited to learn about the ways User Experience design principles can be applied to urban planning. APA Colorado, General Assembly, and Greystone Technology invite you to join us as we discuss: Opportunities for collaboration between planners and UX designers Balancing aesthetics with usability and the potential value for partnerships The ways technology and “smart cities” are influencing Denver right now There’s lots changing in Denver, and this interdisciplinary discussion is sure to highlight many exciting developments that are quickly becoming part of our daily lives, so come on out and learn more about how the digital world is shaping Denver! [Organizer's description]


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