Third Eye Blind



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Fillmore Auditorium
1510 Clarkson St.
Denver, CO  80218
Third Eye Blind has been celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its self-titled debut by playing that album in full on tour. Though the band may not be the mainstay of alternative-rock radio that it was in the late ’90s, 3EB has never truly gone away. Frontman Stephan Jenkins has led a rotating lineup of musicians on a “semi-charmed” career, hitting every college campus and public festival in the U.S. along the way. In recent years, Jenkins’s political activity has added a new dimension to 3EB’s music and how it uses its platform. The band’s most recent single, “Cop Vs. Phone Girl,” off 2016’s We Are Drugs EP, discusses Black Lives Matter with lyrics like “Take it from me, I’m super fucking white.” Although 3EB’s sound contains much of the same echoey guitar-pop that made it famous and police brutality is not a new issue, what may have changed is who’s listening.
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